Valentine Horoscope: Check compatibility before competition.

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To all the guys out their if your girl ever asks you about your zodiac don’t go running to your mother to questioning the same because she might can suggest you to stay away from the girl. Ever wonder why? Because she knows the drill and she got no time to waste. LOL!

If you don’t know about the thing then let me tell you in short. Every individual has got different zodiacs based on their birth date which is considered to be your sun sign another one according your birth time, location and constellation which is moon sign. Whilst sometimes sun sign can say few things about you but moon tend to describe your inner nature. Now if you are thinking what this has to do with your relationship let me warn you, girlies this days are more into tarot cards and horoscope either predicting when their exes going to come back or who will be their best suited companion. So yeah! research before search. Compatible is the word you have heard before in terms of many things, same as in zodiac house there are signs which are preferred to as most compatible to least one.

Starting with the first house that is Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius these three signs  are bold, brash, creative and daring either they can burn too brightly or they can burn you literally, including temperamental. Fire signs are mostly compatible with their own genre that is fire itself or the Air signs, because aag ko hawa dene wala chahiye.

Second comes the Earth Sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn these three babies have come to the planet to do something and slogan is ‘down to earth’ they are builder from scratch and tend to bring people back on earth with their reality check. Earth signs are most compatible with their own group or Water signs kyunki paani aur dharti ka rishta hi gehra hain.

Next up, we have Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius these three are the communicators, thinkers (over) and doers of the zodiac. They like to run or in short ‘daurna chahta hoon, girna chahta hoon, magar rukna nahi chahta, Naina’. They can come off as cold or even careless but they do have emotions they just don’t like to show. You have to earn them to sit on their table. Signs they are most likely to get along with is definitely their own or Fire sign, yes! There comes the logic of fire needs air to live.

Umm! Now it’s time to have some water after this big read, I meant about the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces this category are known for being sensitive and sentimental. They tend to hold onto people and things even past their expiration dates including their evergreen spiral of thoughts 24*7. Just like every other either signs they are good in their own zodiacs or with Earth signs.

Baseline is though falling in love is always not predictable but staying is. So, next time when you are thinking to get into a relationship try to check the compatibility ratio before because it is directly proportional to the level of trauma you will be getting, in case when the water is planning to extinguish the fire, or even when the air is trying to change the flow of water. You know the rest.

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