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Amala Paul will make an appearance in Ajay Devgan’s Bholaa

Ajay Devgn's fourth directorial, Bholaa, is one of the year's most anticipated

What kind of content are we going to see on Netflix in the coming years? Read to Know!

Netflix continues to expand its collection of Indian-themed TV shows and films.

7 vodka beverages that are best suited for winter

Winter drinking is typically dominated by brown spirits. While easy-going vodka is

The first of seven farewells: BTS’Jin, Astronaut, Years of Unshed tears, Love, and Hatred

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Friday, Kim Seok-jin, the senior vocalist for

5 simple tips for consuming healthy protein foods

Is your protein intake adequate? While you should limit your calorie, sugar,

On Saturday, the ‘tallest’ Shiva statue will be previewed in Rajsamand, Rajasthan

The 369-foot-tall Shiva monument, "Viswas Swaroopam," will be previewed on Saturday in

Samar Virmani has been hired for a forthcoming project at Sphere origin

According to sources, Samar Virmani has been cast in a show that

5 amazing health advantages of lighting Agarbattis

Agarbatti is a thick stick coated in a substance that when burned

5 best yoga positions for period pain

Cramps during menstruation Ouch. The tell-tale sign that your period is on