Deepti Talpade Shares Discharge News Of Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade Got Discharged From Hospital As He Suffering From Heart Attack

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On 21st December 2023, Mumbai: Popular Actor Shreyas Talpade suffered from Heart Attack on the set of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Now, He was discharged from hospital after an angioplasty shared by his wife Deepti Talpade. Deepti expresses gratitude towards family, friends as well as fans who support them during the difficult time. She also thanked good samaritans Mumbai who came to their ad when they called for help. Deepti also thanked the team of Belle Vue hospital for saving her husband’s life.

Shreyas Talpade Suffered From Heart Attack

On December 14, according to reports actor Shreyas Talpade experienced uneasiness and collapsed at his residence. His family rushed to a hospital with him located at Andheri Mumbai. Later, the news created buzz that Shreyas Talpade who was admitted in hospital after he suffered from Heart Attack on the set of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Well, he was out of danger and goten discharged from the hospital post undergoing an angioplasty.

Deepti Talpade Express Gratitude For The Support

Shreyas’ lovely wife Deepti Talpade took her Instagram and shared a heartfelt post to their fans and followers as her husband Shreyas returned home safe and sound. Deepti shared numerous pictures of her and Shreyas with a short message and also thanked everyone who was with them and supporting them in that situation.

Deepti Talpade Shared Discharge News Of Shreyas

Deepti, along with the pictures, wrote, “My life. Shreyas is back home… safe and sound. I would argue with Shreyas saying I don’t know where to put my faith.

Today I know the answer to my question, God Almighty. He was with me that evening when this drastic event happened in our lives. I don’t think I’II ever question his existence henceforth.”

Deepti Talpade Express Gratitude Towards The Doctors

She also wrote, “I wish to take a moment and thank the good samaritans of our city. That evening I called for help, sought a hand and I got 10 of them. While Shreyas lay inside the car, they didn’t know who they were helping–yet they came running.To all those people, you were God incarnate that evening for us. Thank you. I hope my message reaches you. Please know that I shall be eternally grateful to you from the core of my being. That’s the spirit of this great city Mumbai. That’s what makes Mumbai. We were not left to fend for ourselves. We were taken care of.”

“I want to thank the fabulous team of Belle Vue Hospital who sprang into action and saved my husband. All the Doctors, Sisters, Brothers, Boys, Maushis, Mamas. Admin & Security. No amount of thank yous are enough for your deed.”

Deepti Talpade Thanked Family, Friends And Fans For Supporting

Deepti also said, “I wish to thank our friends, family and our film industry…Hindi and Marathi for all the love and concern.Some of whom left everything they were doing and were there standing with me. It’s because of you all, I wasn’t alone. I had shoulders to lean on and immense support to stay strong.”

“I thank all the fans…so many people who prayed with me for Shreyas’s safety and good health, your love, prayers & blessings saw us through the woods. Thank you. That evening God operated through each & everyone of you….from every corner of the world…And for that, I am truly humbled…& I shall be eternally grateful. Thank you (folded hands emoji).”

By Sojwal Gurav

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