Ileana D’Cruz on after month of Pregnancy and not so comfortable talking about her partner

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Last time seen in the film, The Big Bull, along with Abhishek Bachhan, Ileana is yet to be seen in any film or series after 2021. Since the release of her last work, her life had changed a lot. She had gone from being a single woman to being in a relationship to having a child and being a mother.

The year 2023 was all about personal life for Ileana D’Cruz as she got pregnant in November 2022 so most of 2023 went for her in pregnancy and then aftermonth of pregnancy, like keeping care of the patient. It was August 2023, when Ileana and her partner Michael Dolan welcomed a son in their life whom they named as Koa Phoenix Dolan. Currently Ileana has shifted to USA such that she is been living there for a while now.

The actress spoke about her pregnancy and her partner and her life recently to the media, “Most of 2023 was around my pregnancy and moving base here (USA). I am very thankful to my mom for being there for me. I couldn’t have done anything without her. I had a few complications with pregnancy, but my doctor asked me to rest it out. It was just a big happy bubble for me. It is just crazy how much your life shifts when you have a child.”

She also talked about how she had after effects of pregnancy and how she went through them, “postpartum depression is very real and nothing can prepare you for it. I am glad that I had a good support system at home and a team of doctors who took good care of me. Topics like mom guilt are so real. I remember I was in my room, and I started crying. My partner asked me what was wrong and I told him,’I know it sounds really stupid, but my son is sleeping in the other room and I am missing him.’ So, there are these intense emotions you go through after having a baby. I still am going through it. I am thankful that Mike is such an amazing partner. I don’t need to explain things to him. He makes me take a break and looks after the baby before I join in again.”

She hardly talks about her partner, that makes people more curious and they start making speculations. She says that she isn’t really comfortable to talk about it due to her bad past experiences. There had been times when she had shared details and it all backfires with people talking rubbish. Thus she is okay with keeping a bit of mystery and secrecy around the facts.

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