Sussanne Khan, Sweetheart Arslan Goni Denied Section Inside Air Terminal As He Fail To Remember Visa and Passport

Sussanne Khan is dating Arslan Goni. She was recently hitched to entertainer Hrithik Roshan

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30th December,2023, Mumbai: Sussanne Khan and entertainer sweetheart Arslan Goni were off for their New Year occasion, yet sadly, they were halted from entering Mumbai air terminal. This occurred after he left his identification at home and the occurrence was caught by paparazzi at the terminal door. It’s not known where they were setting out toward the festivals.

Sussanne and Arslan at Mumbai air terminal

For the air terminal, Sussanne and Arslan showed up in their relaxed looks. While she was wearing loose denim pants with a tank top, he settled on pants and a dark tee. As both acknowledged they were not conveying his visa, they couldn’t enter the air terminal together. The security faculty were seen really taking a look at Sussanne’s visa.

The two of them got back to their vehicle with their gear. Arslan appeared to tell photographic artists to not catch the second too. Responding to the episodes, numerous clients on Instagram could connect with the circumstance.

Web responds to Sussanne, Arslan video

One client wrote in the remark segment, “Passport  ghr pe  chod di hadd hai (you left travel papers at home),” with heaps of giggling emoticons. “Then, at that point, in the wake of returning home, you will figure out that the passport was in the pocket of your coat the entire time,” added another. One additionally expressed, “Happens to me likewise.” Many additionally prodded them referencing Hrithik Roshan in the remarks.

Who is Sussanne Khan?

Sussanne is Hrithik Roshan’s ex and quite possibly of Bollywood’s most well known inside architect. Hrithik and Sussanne wedded in December 2000 at a confidential function in Bangalore. They have two children – Hrehaan who was brought into the world in 2006 and Hridaan who was brought into the world in 2008. Sussanne and Hrithik headed out in different directions in December 2013 and their separation was concluded in November 2014. They keep on excess companions and co-parent their children. As of late, their oldest child, Hrehaan got a grant from Boston’s renowned Berklee School of Music.

Declaring the news, Sussanne composed on Instagram, “ Our Hrehaan got his acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music, offering him a scholarship merit award for his excellence.. this was the happiest day of my life… Ray you are my Hero and my best friend I have seen you persistently be at it for the last 9 years… pursuing your passion for Music.. and I am so so proud of you my Son you fill me up with the brightest light.” “That too on scholarship! Well done my son,” also reacted Hrithik.

While Sussanne has been dating Arslan for a seriously lengthy timespan, Hrithik is seeing entertainer singer Saba Azad. Hrithik, Saba, Sussanne and Arslan are in many cases seen celebrating together on various events.

By- Sapna Meena

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