Triptii Dimri Surprised Her Parents with This Big Decision!

The Animal Actress Reveals Surprising Career Choice and Overcoming Introversion

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12th December 2023,Mumbai: Triptii Dimri, the breakout star of Animal, has taken the film industry by storm. While the movie’s success is undeniable, the journey of its lead actress, Triptii Dimri, is equally fascinating. In a recent interview, Dimri made a candid confession about her surprising career choice, revealing her initial struggles and her parents’ disbelief.

A Reserved Piscean in a Dreamland

In the interview, Triptii Dimri opens up about her personality, describing herself as a reserved person. She attributes this trait to her zodiac sign, being a true Piscean. Dimri admits that she was exceptionally quiet during her school days, avoiding attention and keeping a low profile. She shares an interesting anecdote about strategically positioning herself in the center of the class to escape the watchful eyes of teachers. Her reserved nature made her parents skeptical when she decided to pursue acting as a career.

Shocking Revelation: Parents’ Initial Disbelief

Triptii Dimri’s decision to become an actress came as a shock to her parents, who couldn’t reconcile the image of their introverted daughter with the idea of performing in front of large audiences. In her own words, she recalls her parents’ reaction, “You hardly open your mouth in front of relatives, and now you’re going to act in front of 200 people. How are you going to do that?” Dimri’s journey from a quiet schoolgirl to a rising star has indeed been a transformation worth noting.

Balancing Act: From Introvert to Bollywood Star

Despite her initial reservations and her parents’ disbelief, Triptii Dimri has managed to carve a niche for herself in the competitive world of Bollywood. The actress acknowledges that she has grown over time, becoming more open and adept at handling the demands of her profession. Her ability to balance her reserved nature with the demands of the glamorous industry speaks volumes about her dedication and passion for acting.

Animal’s Box Office Triumph and Controversy

Animal, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, has emerged as one of the biggest hits of the year, grossing over Rs 700 crore worldwide. However, the film has not been without its share of criticism. While fans praise Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance, some critics have labeled the movie as ‘misogynist’ and ‘toxic.’ The juxtaposition of box office success and societal critique adds an intriguing layer to the film’s narrative.

Triptii Dimri: The New National Crush

In the midst of Animal’s success and controversies, Triptii Dimri has become the new national crush, thanks to her portrayal of Zoya in the film. The actress is basking in the limelight, giving interviews about the movie’s success, her co-star Ranbir Kapoor, and her personal journey. Her rise to fame serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors and a testament to the unpredictability of success in the film industry.

Bobby Deol’s Remarkable Transformation

While Animal’s spotlight shines on Ranbir Kapoor and Triptii Dimri, Bobby Deol’s portrayal of the antagonist has not gone unnoticed. Despite having a relatively smaller role in the film, Deol’s transformation and performance have garnered widespread appreciation. His ability to leave a lasting impact in a supporting role showcases the depth and diversity of talent in the film.

A Tale of Surprises and Success

In the world of Animal, where controversies meet triumphs, the unexpected journey of Triptii Dimri stands out. From a quiet schoolgirl to a Bollywood sensation, her story is a testament to the unpredictability of success in the film industry. As Animal continues to roar at the box office, the stars involved, including the surprising Bobby Deol, add layers of intrigue to this cinematic tale.

-By Kashvi Gala

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