Fine artist Sampa Paul, who was born in Kolkata, opens an intriguing show.

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Through her artistic creations, Sampa Paul provides an insight into the obscure aspects of the human psyche, drawing from her experiences and observations.

Sampa Paul had a fascination with masks while attending Art College, as they represent the duality of people—their inner and outer personalities. As she started to investigate the complexities of human character in her work, this curiosity served as the foundation for her artistic expression.

Motherhood was a pivotal point in Sampa Paul’s path, as it increased her sensitivity and strengthened her bond with her art. Her paintings frequently used nature, which she used to symbolize the fluidity and changeability of women’s identities.

Women and flowers play a prominent role in Sampa Paul’s artistic narrative, which she skillfully intertwines to portray depth and multiple layers of emotion. Sampa Paul expresses the spirit of love, sadness, and forgiveness that is concealed in her subjects’ gazes using vivid hues and minute details.

For Sampa Paul, having one’s face bare signifies more than simply physical attractiveness; it also denotes the genuineness and sensitivity that are hidden beneath the surface. Her artistic endeavors aim to reveal the authentic essence of femininity, with her subjects portrayed as both mysterious and alluring creatures.

Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the complexity of human nature and to recognize the beauty in sincerity and vulnerability in Sampa Paul’s exhibition. Sampa Paul inspires us to look past the surface and discover the profound depths of the human spirit through her moving depictions.

You are welcome to accompany Sampa Paul as you delve into the complexities of her creations. And return home wiser!

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