Kiran Sewani, the new chairperson of FLO Ahmedabad, reveals the agenda for 2024.

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FLO Ahmedabad releases its 2024 agenda.

On Thursday, the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) Ahmedabad, led by recently appointed Chairperson Kiran Sewani, presented its exciting agenda for 2024.

Empowering women and fostering communal cohesion, FLO Ahmedabad seeks to make a major effect on multiple fronts through the rebirth of textiles, handlooms, arts, and culture.

A prominent feature of FLO Ahmedabad’s 2024 goal is the 100-day plan, which aims to improve the lives of over 2500 women through various programs at the grassroots and member levels.

The FLO Ahmedabad Chairperson, Ms. Kiran Sewani, stated, “Our agenda for 2024 is centred on revitalising traditional industries like textiles and handlooms and empowering women.” We pledge to contribute more than 100% to all FLO national projects, with a particular emphasis on rural women, and to significantly improve the lives of the women we come into contact with. Additionally, we want to increase the membership base of FLO Ahmedabad by recruiting new members and maximizing member integration.

FLO Ahmedabad’s annual objective includes working closely with ragpickers to empower them and partnering with the government to offer recipients e-rickshaws. Additionally, FLO Ahmedabad will launch a project to turn waste textiles into goods like mattresses and cloth bags, open two skill centers in Ahmedabad in partnership with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and strengthen the position of women’s self-help groups by teaching them how to make baked goods and confections and encouraging them to pursue careers in dairying and other animal husbandry-related fields.

An icebreaker event for members in April and a session with monk and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das are part of FLO Ahmedabad’s 100-day strategy. Activities in May include a book group reading, a workshop on the art of Mata Ni Pachedi, and a discussion on khadi. Members will travel to Patan in June to explore heritage sites and learn about the well-known traditional sarees, Patan Patola. There will also be a sound healing session planned.

FLO Ahmedabad intends to resuscitate the Tangaliya weaving craft and assist craftsmen in growing their enterprises by adopting a cluster in Muli village. This is part of its goals for the recovery of textile and handloom industries.

Additionally, one of our main areas of interest is startups. In order to promote startups—particularly those run by women—we will extend our current Memorandums of Understanding and provide them with ongoing mentorship through FLO Ahmedabad, according to Ms. Kiran Sewani.

A two-day residential boot camp on women entrepreneurial development, a certification program for mentors, a masterclass on angel investing, the She Rises conclave, and seminars with influential industry experts are among the other events that are planned for the year. Furthermore, FLO Ahmedabad plans to hold digital literacy workshops and work with organizations such as MICA on skill development initiatives. There will also be a fashion show, workshops, art exhibits, music, and stalls run by members and artisans at the FLO Bazaar.

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