On its Campus, the Institute of Management Studies Noida hosted the Cultural Fest 2024 “Udbhav.”

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The Mr. and Miss Udbhav 2024 competition was the main attraction of the institute-organized event, where contestants displayed their acting skills on a lively Bollywood theme. Performers Anshika, Ritika, Raj, Rajat, Prem, Hima, Rohit, Prashant, Deepak, Krishna, and Palak captivated the audience with their enthralling performances.

Simran, a second-year BBA student, triumphed over the others and won the esteemed title of Udbhav 2024. The dancing portion had both solo and group performances that were quite amazing. Manisha’s solo performance won over everyone’s hearts, and Rohit, Palak, Prashant, and Ruchika performed a captivating group dance. Dhruv, Priya, Deepak, Krishna, and Nandani showcased their performances at the conclusion of the show.

According to IMS NOIDA officials, “Udbhav 2024” stands for valuing variety, innovation, and unity. More than just enjoyable, this event gave students an opportunity to shine, pursue their talents, and have a fantastic time. Students benefit from this in every manner, as demonstrated by Udbhav 2024. For everyone who collaborated to make this event extraordinary, it’s a proud occasion. Let’s continue to embrace our uniqueness and collaborate to create even more amazing moments like this.

We must strive to make our lives happier. Our goal is to establish a Happiness Club in the institute shortly so that students can learn how to be happier and less stressed. He went on to say that while there is no quick route to success in life, you may get there by being capable, aware, and skillful.

Along with instruction, the head of the IMS School of Management encouraged the students to actively compete in extracurricular activities. He added that the institute’s first objective is the students’ overall development and academic advancement. Our goal is to make the most of our dedication to provide students with a global education.

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