ORS Forms Strategic Partnership with BioCatalyst for Sustainable Solutions in Waste Management in the Middle East

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April 4, Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: A pioneer in sustainable technology solutions, Organic Recycling Systems Limited (ORS) is ready to take on the Middle Eastern market after signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with BioCatalyst, the approved Middle East distributor and service provider for Bio Organic Catalyst Inc., with its headquarters located in California, USA. This important partnership demonstrates ORS’s dedication to promoting environmentally friendly waste management practices throughout the Middle East.

The parameters of cooperation between ORS and BioCatalyst in the marketing and business development of different centralized and decentralized Waste Management (MSW) projects are outlined in the MOA. The partners hope to reform waste handling, treatment, and disposal procedures in the Middle East by introducing and promoting cutting-edge technology and practices through this strategic partnership. Together, ORS and BioCatalyst hope to become major players in the waste management industry in the Middle East by fusing their strengths in marketing, business development, and technical know-how to provide solutions that are not only practical but also sustainable and profitable. In the Middle East, this partnership represents a turning point for tackling environmental issues and creating sustainable solutions.

Concerning Organic Recyling Systems Ltd

ORS is an innovative engineering company that specializes in environmental solutions. It provides comprehensive waste management solutions for different types of waste and the whole value chain. Technocrats founded ORS in 2008 with the goal of creating reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable technology. With demonstrated competence, ORS runs the country’s top Waste to Energy (WTE) facility, utilizing proprietary anaerobic biomethanation technology approved by the National Master Plan of the Indian government.

Furthermore, since 2013, ORS has been running a Municipal Solid garbage (MSW) processing facility in Solapur, Maharashtra, where garbage is turned into compost and power. Acknowledged as a pioneer in Swachh Bharat Mission best practices, ORS is now positioned for EPC prospects across the country. Offering a wide range of environmental services and solutions, ORS operates through three primary business verticals: Project development & Technology Licensing, Product Vertical, and Consulting Vertical. By means of continuous research and development endeavors and the creation of intellectual property, ORS persistently pioneers novel goods and technologies, thereby augmenting its visibility and influence throughout the waste value chain.

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