S S Kanchi Silks and Sarees Wins Distinguished Awards for Excellence in Handloom Sarees

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Two distinguished honors have been given to S S Kanchi Silks & Sarees, a well-known producer and seller of handloom sarees, in recognition of their exceptional contribution to the sector. The International Institute for Social and Economic Reforms presented the company, which was started in 2016 by Vivek Ramesh Maladkar, with the Outstanding Silk Dealers Excellence National Award for 2023. Additionally, on December 26, Icons of Indian Business Magazine named it one of the Top Business Leadership and Changemakers of Karnataka 2023.

Both ceremonies, which honored business titans for their achievements in the profession, took place in Bangalore.

The goal of S S Kanchi Silks and Sarees is to protect the illustrious history of Indian handloom weaving. The company produces and purchases a broad range of handloom sarees, including as cotton, silk, and sico sarees (antique sarees that have been resurrected). Offering clients a distinctive and genuine experience, the company specializes in handcrafted techniques such block printing, hand painting, embroidery, wax printing, and weaving. It also offers ready-to-wear blouses, meeting the demands of contemporary ladies who want ease without sacrificing style.

S S Kanchi Silks & Sarees founder Vivek Ramesh Maladkar remarked, “We express our gratitude to the event organizers for bestowing our efforts with this prestigious recognition in the form of awards.” Promoting handloom sarees and empowering the talented artisans who make them has always been our goal. These honors serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence, creativity, and social responsibility.

Women and middle-class clients are the main target market for S S Kanchi Silks and Sarees since they value genuine handloom sarees at reasonable costs. In addition to cotton sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Khadi sarees, Mul sarees, silk cotton sarees, cotton sarees, and many more are available in different categories.

The acknowledgement bestowed by prestigious establishments bolsters the standing of S. S. Kanchi Silks & Sarees as a prominent force in the handloom sector, dedicated to upholding customs while meeting the changing demands of contemporary customers.

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