“Suraksha Sarathi,” a Massive road Safety Awareness Campaign, is Organized by Vedanta Aluminium.

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More than 1500 drivers employed in the manufacturing sector were contacted.

Vedanta Aluminium, the biggest aluminium producer in India, collaborated with Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) and significant transporters’ unions, such as Maa Samleswari Truck Owner Association (MSTOA) and Ayush Road Lines, to execute the massive road safety awareness initiative, Suraksha Sarathi, at Lakhanpur Mines in Jharsuguda. More than 1500 drivers participated in the event, which honored them as “Sarathis” (Charioteers) and highlighted the vital role they play in road safety.

Vedanta Aluminium organized a number of activities as part of the awareness campaign to highlight the critical importance of road safety. These included a gripping performance of the street play “Nukkad Natak,” which featured actors portraying the mythological characters Yamraj and Chitragupta, free health screenings, a road safety quiz, and the distribution of road safety kits, all of which were well-received by drivers. The business highlighted the value of following traffic laws and safety guidelines with these campaigns.

Prominent authorities who graced the occasion and enthusiastically participated in the initiatives included Mr. Dinabandhu Sundhi, Jharsuguda’s Road Transport Officer; Mr. Loknath Meher, Jharsuguda’s Motor Vehicle Inspector; Mr. Sanjay Jha, Lakhanpur’s General Manager, MCL; Mr. Akhil Swain, MSTOA President; Mr. Santosh Mohanty, MSTOA General Secretary; and Mr. Chandan Agrawal from Ayush Road Lines.

Reiterating the culture of safety first at Vedanta, “At Vedanta Aluminium, safety of our people and partners is our foremost priority and we believe in extending our culture of care beyond our operations,” stated Mr. Sunil Gupta, COO of Vedanta Aluminium. We are incredibly proud to have spearheaded programs like “Suraksha Sarathi,” which have increased community protections. Our top priority is our partners’ safety, and to raise the safety quotient both within and outside of our operations, we want to carry out comparable efforts.

“I strongly believe that through the shared efforts of the district administration and Vedanta Aluminium, we can achieve our goal of making Jharsuguda a district free from road accidents,” stated Mr. Dinabandhu Sundhi, Regional Transport Officer, Jharsuguda, acknowledging the company’s efforts. My sincere appreciation to Vedanta for this endeavor.

Vedanta Aluminium has implemented various measures to enhance its safety-focused culture, such as:

Sankalp is a safety culture transformation program that Vedanta Aluminum has applied to all of its business units.

Enhancing safety training and providing an immersive and captivating experience is the goal of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Center.

wide-scale digitalization of operations and procedures to reduce human involvement with machinery and the Manufacturing Execution System to provide 360-degree view of crucial plant functions and enable remote decision-making via mobile applications.

Plant safety is maintained through the use of video analytics for the prompt detection of fire occurrences and the observation of staff compliance with safety regulations.

The Jharsuguda fire department’s all-female “Agnivahini” crew has received extensive training to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively, providing off-site response support to the local government and community.

Security Through the Stand Down program, leadership teams can discuss numerous aspects of health, safety, and the environment with staff members and business partners in order to create a culture that prioritizes safety.

In partnership with the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) and the National Disaster Reduction Force (NDRF), regular mock drills and safety awareness sessions are conducted.

Training classes on fire, electrical, and household safety are provided by company volunteers to schoolchildren and community people.

India’s biggest aluminum manufacturer, Vedanta Aluminium, a division of Vedanta Limited, produced 2.29 million tonnes, or more, of the country’s total aluminum in FY23. It is a pioneer in the production of aluminum products with added value that are essential to key sectors. Due to its sustainable development efforts, Vedanta Aluminium has been ranked first in the aluminium business by the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2023. With its top-notch aluminum smelters, alumina refinery, and power plants in India, the company achieves its goal of promoting aluminum’s growing uses as the “Metal of the Future” for a future that is greener.

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