Web Series “Sarkari Babu” on Trafficking and Enchanting “Girlfriend” Music Video

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OJ Music and Productions is set to release two major songs that will shake up the entertainment business. The captivating web series “Sarkari Babu” and the lovely music video “Girlfriend” are scheduled for release in May 2024.

Powerhouse in the Indian entertainment industry Omkar Jaitly (also known as Royal Munda OJ) contributes his skills to “Girlfriend” and “Sarkari Babu.” Omkar Jaitley is a multi-talented dynamo who has produced an astounding 35 online series for Netflix and Amazon in addition to writing blockbusters for T-Series and Zee Music.

Omkar Jaitley’s contribution to “Girlfriend” extends beyond only directing. Along with writing the screenplay, he promised an amazing visual experience that would be produced on a large scale for between Rs. 30 and Rs. 50 lakhs. In a same vein, his web series “Sarkari Babu” addresses a delicate and important subject. The series explores the horrifying realities of human trafficking and sexual assault, drawing from actual events that occurred in Mumbai. He hopes to increase awareness of the difficulties faced by women who become victims of these horrible acts by creating this online series. Dubai, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Mumbai, and Chandigarh are the five stunning places that were used to film the music video and web series.

Behind the Scenes

OJ Music and Productions worked together on the projects. The project head is Daizel Carol Cutinho, and Real to Reel India was in charge of casting. The fashionable outfits are the work of Dashing Darzi.

The Sharma brothers—Satyabhan Sharma (also known as Shanty), Sachin Sharma, and Shreyansh Sharma—produce “Sarkari Babu” and “Girlfriend.” They are the sons of Mr. Raysingh Sharma and Mrs. Suman Devi, and they are well-known in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. In addition to being Pratishthan-Aradhya Traders’ active owner, Satyabhan Sharma is a well-respected leader.

Avanch Choudhary, Aadi Ansh Lakra, Rimjhim, Rama Gautam, Saurav Sachdeva, Dhruv Jain, Sunny Singh, Mahi Saroj, Vishal Sharma, Peter, Madhu Singha, Lakshay Makhija, and Md Shekh Shahajahan are among the impressive cast members of both projects.

Cinematographers Pratham Bambah and Aayush Bharti shot the images for “Girlfriend,” and Rohit Nagar oversaw editing. Rahul Kumar worked as the web developer, and Daizel Carol Cutinho was the assistant director. Redefining Tourism India handled the travel assistance for the various sites where the filming took place.

“Girlfriend” and “Sarkari Babu” are getting ready for a worldwide release on a number of platforms. Viewers can watch them on YouTube, MYOTT, and a global network of outlets.

May seems like a fun and socially conscious month, with a compelling music video and a strong web series in the works. People can view the teaser for each of the projects that will be released in March 2024.

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