With her knives, Anita Goel Transcends Artistic Limitations and infuses raw Energy into her Canvases.

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The Osmosis Guild’s Floor One Juhu show, “Avataran,” by Anita Goel, is set to enthrall viewers with her kaleidoscopic spectacular fusion of philosophy and art.

Even though India saw tremendous changes in the years following the British Raj, the art education systems were deeply rooted in customs that still exist now. Anita Goel, on the other hand, strove to subvert these conventions and transform the uniformity of style upheld by the Western academic heritage.

Anita’s artistic vision goes beyond the ordinary canvas, as she delves deeply into the possibilities of painting with knives and other unusual materials. Goel’s work explores the world of abstraction, departing from the idea that art must transmit a predetermined message and allowing viewers to interact and understand her creations on a personal level.


Goel’s “Avataran,” which is an evolution of her “Udaan” series, has unique canvas forms and vivid color palettes that entice spectators to examine the subtleties of each work in more detail. The show questions the popular perception of art and invites viewers to accept ambiguity and have lively discussions with the pieces.

In conjunction with The Osmosis Guild in Juhu, Floor One is a 2000-successful creative conscious community space that Anita Goel invites viewers to join her on a journey of reflection and introspection.

“Avataran” is proof of the art’s eternal ability to elicit deep contemplation, spur inventiveness, and cut across cultural divides.

Experience a creatively inventive evening at Floor One Juhu, where conventions are abandoned. From April 5 to April 21, witness how canvases are transformed into immersive narratives that subvert stereotypes.

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