Clothes that grows with you: Petit Pli’s Garments.

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The London-based company Petit Pli has developed a line of apparel that grows with your child. These clothes fit them for ages nine months to four years old. This is equivalent to seven different sizes in a standard children’s clothing line, which is good for the environment and your pocketbook. At 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, the textile industry is the second most polluting in the world.

 Aeronautical engineering graduate Ryan Mario Yasin, the creator of Petit Pli, was inspired by this idea to create ingeniously engineered folding garments after designing folding origami-style satellites in the past. To ensure the ideal fit, a single Petit Pli garment can be gently unfurled to grow with your child. But Petit Pli offers more than that. In addition, recycled plastic is used in the garments, which helps with garbage recycling.

“My goal is for my nephew to be able to grow up and look back, and think ‘my community, my life is better as a result of the actions of my uncle.” mentioned Ryan Mario Yasin, CEO and founder of Petit Pli. He is likewise a younger entrepreneur who is featured in Forbes 30 below 30 in 2020 and acquired the James Dyson Award. The arrival of his nephew marked a sea change. This gave him the idea to launch Petit Pli in 2017 with the goal of decreasing textile waste by providing kids with clothes that are flexible and long-lasting so they may grow with them.

The main offering from Petit Pli is their range of kid’s clothes, which grows with the child instead of requiring regular size changes. This is made possible by their own auxetic fabric technology, which is derived from Yasin’s studies on origami-style folding methods for use in aircraft. The clothing expands up to seven sizes in both length and width, giving each item an average of two to three years of wear. He  also stated “We have been working on this for two years. This uses a novel knitting technique to actually put these auxetic structures into the garments. So auxetic means that as you pull the garment along and sweat, it grows along its length or vice versa,”

The creator claims that their invention solves a significant issue that parents have with quickly outgrowing apparel. Additionally, the expandability makes it possible for siblings to pass on garments to one another, which increases usage and lowers waste. According to Yasin, parents have commented that their kids felt comfortable wearing the clothing because of its well-designed stretch and expansion features. On children’s delicate skin, the material has been regarded as soft and soothing.

He claimed that I tried the suit on my nephew right away and snapped photos of him and them with my niece. Since I’m not a parent, I showed these pictures to parents in order to get their honest opinions as potential users of the clothing.

-Subhangee Mandal

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