From Dream Designs to Award-Winning Reality: The Rise of Lalit Roongta Group

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Building Dreams, Brick by Brick: A Legacy of Excellence at Lalit Roongta Group. For over two decades, Lalit Roongta Group has been synonymous with progress and innovation in the real estate landscape in North Maharashtra. Established in 1996, we’ve traversed a remarkable journey, transforming skylines and enriching lives through our dedication to commercial and residential property development. Today, as we stand tall amidst the concrete giants we’ve birthed, it’s with immense pride that we reflect on the achievements and recognitions that have shaped our story.

From the outset, we dared to dream beyond the ordinary. We envisioned spaces that transcended mere brick and mortar, evolving into thriving communities, vibrant workplaces, and sanctuaries of comfort. This unwavering commitment to quality and customer-centricity became the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our meticulous attention to detail is reflected in every project we undertake. We prioritize sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies to create energy-efficient marvels. Our design aesthetic is a harmonious blend of functionality and elegance, ensuring that form and function dance in perfect unison.

But our success isn’t solely measured in square footage or accolades. It’s etched in the smiles of grateful homeowners who’ve found their havens in our residential havens. It’s echoed in the confident strides of businesses that have found their launchpads in our commercial towers. It’s the quiet satisfaction of knowing we’ve played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s narrative, one project at a time.

Over the years, our unwavering dedication has been recognized by the industry’s most esteemed institutions. The Maharashtra Sanman (2021) at the hands of Hon. Bhagatsingh Koshyari (Governor – Maharashtra) , and the Nashik Ratna Puraskar (2022) at the hands of Hon. Eknath Shinde (Chief Minister – Maharashtra) stand as testaments to our commitment to excellence in design and construction. The prestigious recognition we received most recently in 2023 through the hands of Hon. Ramesh Bais (Governor – Maharashtra) and Girna Gaurav Pratishthan Sanman acknowledge the impact we’ve made on the communities we serve. These accolades aren’t just awards; they’re badges of honor, fuelling our passion to push the boundaries and redefine the possibilities of real estate development; and there have been multiple more that keep us pushing.

However, our greatest recognition lies in the trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers. Their unwavering loyalty and positive testimonials are our most cherished treasures. They are the wind beneath our wings, propelling us forward in our mission to create not just properties, but legacies.

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we do so with hearts brimming with gratitude and minds abuzz with possibilities. We are the custodians of dreams, entrusted with the responsibility of weaving them into the fabric of our city. We are Lalit Roongta Group, and our story is far from over. We invite you to be a part of it, to witness the magic we create, brick by brick, dream by dream.

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