Fulfilling my fathers incomplete dream is what I am looking forward -Manik suri

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Manik suri, a well known social worker and businessman hailing from Punjab son of late shri Sudhir Suri ji who was an active Shiv sena leader, following the footsteps of father, Manik believes in doing the good for society, helping the needy ones, he is a part of many NGO’s and taking care of many helpless individuals.

He has plans to start a Old age shelter homes for people who are homeless n thrown out of Home from their own families, he also plans to make homes for people who cant afford to have one, with no profit or loss in mind this man has seen a dream to fulfill his fathers wish and living for the country and giving as much assistance he can to people in need, He also has been funding for 2 ambulances and serving the nation and the needy people for free of cost.

He is also a giving ration n grocery to many people in need and handling a Gau (cow protection dal) to protect and feed Cows for free, Animal care and hospital for animals also in mind for future. Leading the legacy of his father, Manik is the ideal for all of us.

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