It’s Better To Treat Piles Using Ayurvedic Herbs Without Surgery: DR Harish Verma

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8th April, 2023 Mumbai: The primary signs and symptoms of piles disease include pain or burning in the anus area, bleeding during bowel movements, itching in the anus, rustling, etc. The majority of people notice some bright red blood on their stools or toilet paper. Some patients also express concern that when they go to the toilet, wart heaps come out of the anus and afterwards go inside on their own. The tubes within and outside of the anus swell up and assume the shape of warts in piles disease. People who must use force to empty their stools frequently have a higher incidence of this condition.

A significant sickness such as a large intestine ulcer, cancer, or other dangerous condition can also be indicated by blood draining from the anus.

These illnesses can be lethal if ignored. According to Dr. Verma, the diagnosis of anal illnesses is crucial. An abscess around the anus is a common complaint among patients. which repeatedly explodes and fills. This condition may lead to fistula. Similar to this, many people with constipation report experiencing a burning sensation in the anus after a bowel movement; this condition may be an anal fissure.

individuals who complain about constipation. Or eating a lot of spicy food, consuming more alcohol, waking up at night, working out, spending a lot of time sitting down, and taking laxatives frequently can all lead to piles or piles illness. Pregnancy generally causes piles in women because the child’s weight compresses their blood vessels.

Dr. Harish Verma, Ayurvedacharya and president of the Canadian College of Ayurveda and Yoga, provided this information during a webinar that was organised.

Constipation must first be resolved in order to relieve pain or a burning sensation in the anus area, and defecation should not be forced. Eat greens or salad with food or soak two figs in water at night and chew and eat them in the morning while drinking water from above to relieve constipation. In addition, take two spoons of isavgol powder dissolved in fresh water at 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening before dinner. The piles patient should have easily digestible foods free of chilli spices and stay away from meat, eggs, seafood, and alcohol.

Never spend a lot of time sitting on a hard seat. Does walking and gentle exercise count as well? A sitz bath can help to provide relief if the patient complains of a burning feeling in the anus at the time of bowel movement. Sitting in a hot pool for 15 to 20 minutes after a bowel movement has immediate health advantages.

Wart piles or piles are removed using a variety of techniques, including laser, gas karyosurgery, rubber band ligation, injection, and more. However, Dr. Harish Verma created a formula by combining two different types of herbs, such as Rasont, Aritha, Jimikand, and other herbs, in a particular ratio. This formula is highly efficient in treating anal area pain or burning.

In addition, Dr. Verma has provided patients with piles, anal fissures, or pain in the anal region with a helpline number, 9910672020.

According to Dr. Harish Verma, this combination of Rasaunt, Aritha, Jiminkand, and other herbs is administered simultaneously and is a cure-all for removing piles or pain in the anal region from the source. A few weeks of use dries up piles’ warts, and stopping use prevents the illness from returning.

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