Understanding the prize and value of a business. Mr. Manish sharma (founder of Vlive India)

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Markets are at all-time highs, and almost every stock looks expensive from a traditional P/E yardstick. We look at the pitfalls of this approach.

Mr. Sharma says ‘Prices are too high’ is far from synonymous with ‘the next move will be downward’.
Things can be overpriced and stay that way for a long time… or become far more so.
Indian equities are at historical highs, with many milestones crossed in just the first half of December. With a $4 trillion market cap,India is now ranked fourth globally, behind the US, Japan and China + Hong Kong. A company becomes an empathetic,relatable presence when it shows genuine concern for its staff, clients and the communities it attends to.It might be hard to think of compassion and business in the same sentence. The word business’ evokes images of competition and an endless chase, while’Compassion’ is evocative of kindness and understanding and the two may not seem compatible. Yet, compassion is what may be called an underrated, secret ingredient in the recipe for running and sustaining a
business, while accomplishing many favourable consequences. Think of a situation where everything at
work is proceeding at an exactly sufficient pace, with the bare minimum standards being met. Employees have cold camaraderie limited to working hours. Executives and colleagues do not respond to personal queries, requests and problems of an employee either, since there’s no scope for such conversations.
Relationships with clients and customers also proceed with the same degree of detachment and disengagement. Consequently, the organisation is not attracting any extraordinary reviews but is
able to subsist or just get by, by functioning in the most basic and limited
ways to sustain itself. Such a description is certainly not heartening or describes a successful and
distinctive business. In fact, it might be termed dystopian. What would transform
such a circumstance would be great rapport among the employees and executives, space for bonding and talking to each other, great conversations and camaraderie with customers who are personally invested in the brand the company has built. All of these things involve the human elements of kindness,
empathy and understanding, which can be brought together under the term
compassion’. It is, therefore, safe to declare that there are several ways in which
compassion enables business.

Healthy relationship :
First of all, compassion fosters healthy working relationships among employees. Employees are more likely to be devoted, engaged, motivated and loyal when they feel valued and supported. People are encouraged to collaborate, share ideas and innovate in a positive work environment that is fostered by compassionate leaders.Teamwork is improved by this sense of belonging, which boosts productivity and
effectiveness within the company.Secondly, customer loyalty and satisfaction are typically higher in the case of compassionate businesses. Customers are more likely to trust a brand and make repeat purchases when they feel cared for and understood. A customer may become a brand advocate thanks to compassionate customer service and organisation representatives, which will improve the company’s reputation and draw in more customers. This is exactly how brand fixations favourable to the business might be created.

Well thanks to mr. sharma for the golden words and we wish all his projects will come up as super hits in near future as always.

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