Understanding the Return Trend: Apple Fans Disappointed with Vision Pro Headsets

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The release of Apple’s Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset, stirred excitement among tech enthusiasts upon its recent debut. However, reports indicate a growing trend of dissatisfied users returning their headsets due to various discomforts and issues.

Reasons for Returns

  1. Headaches and Motion Sickness

Numerous users have voiced complaints regarding headaches and motion sickness experienced while using the Vision Pro. Despite Apple’s return policy, which allows refunds within 14 days of purchase, many users find the discomfort intolerable.

  1. Physical Discomfort

The headset’s design has also been criticised for causing physical discomfort, including dry eyes, redness, and pressure on the head. Some users fear potential long-term effects, such as burst blood vessels in the eye, due to the device’s weight distribution.

Know Some Of The User Experiences

Users on platforms like Reddit have shared their experiences with the Vision Pro, detailing persistent headaches even after attempting various adjustments and accessories. Some users attribute their discomfort to the pressure exerted by the device’s bands, which is necessary to prevent slippage.

Duration of Use

Fans have noted that the Vision Pro is not conducive to extended periods of use, citing blurry overlays and eye strain as significant drawbacks. The discomfort experienced raises concerns about the headset’s practicality for everyday use.

Product Pricing and Comparison

The Vision Pro stands out as one of Apple’s most expensive products, starting at $3,499. This places it significantly above competitors like Meta, whose top-tier headsets are considerably cheaper.

Apple’s Response and Warning

User Guide Caution

Apple’s user guide for the Vision Pro includes warnings about potential motion sickness induced by immersive content. Users are advised to be vigilant for symptoms such as nausea and to cease usage until symptoms subside.


While the release of Apple’s Vision Pro initially generated excitement, the surge in return requests highlights significant user dissatisfaction. Complaints range from physical discomfort to concerns about the headset’s usability and effectiveness. As Apple navigates this feedback, addressing these issues will be crucial to maintaining consumer trust and satisfaction with its innovative products.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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