‘Fake CBI officers’ were arrested for defrauding a businessman

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Four persons were detained by the Goregaon police on Friday, three of whom contacted a merchant while pretending to be CBI agents. Jivan Ahir (Vipul), 52, Girish Valecha, 29, Rahul Shankar Gaikwad, 43, and Kishor Chaibal, 52, were the names of the apprehended suspects. 

The 43-year-old complainant, according to the police, operates a business in Goregaon West’s Unnat Nagar. He told the police that he required a loan for his business totaling roughly Rs. 1.6 crore. One of his friends told him about Kaustubh, a person who may help him get the money.

Kaustubh stated that the loan would be disbursed in instalments and that he would collect a commission of R5 lakh. After the complainant showed a person who had been with Kaustubh a bag containing 5 lakh on the day it was decided, September 30, the man introduced himself as Vipul and said he worked for the CBI. Vipul grabbed the cash bag and made a call. Two of the additional four passengers in the black Scorpio that they arrived in claimed to be CBI officers.

Later, two of them were apprehended by police. The accused, according to the police, are members of a group that robs individuals under the pretence of offering them loans. 

Several persons are allegedly involved, according to a police officer. The suspects were detained by police until October 6.

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