Bangladesh MP Azim Anar’s Honey Trap Murder Mystery Revealed

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The recent murder case of Azim Anar, A member of parliament from Bangladesh, shook both India and Bangladesh. Anar was seen in the rented house lastly near Kolkata, on Wednesday. There is involvement of honey trap.

The case took a start when Anar an well-known political figure of Bangladesh was disappeared. His disappearance give arise of fast response from local law enforcement. They traced his last moment on CCTV footage the recordings, now central to the investigation, suggested that Anar was not alone in the house.The footage reveals the Anar enters the room with women’s company, women is suspected as she has an involvement in the case. The footage shows Anar an women entered together in the room but later after few hours the women left the place alone. The incidence is suspicious.

Investigators wear focusing on identification of women, there wear possibilities of her having connections with criminal networks or political agendas set for Anar. It is some kind of sophisticated tactics; the use of honey traps shows the murder was planned and possibly have some support backing. Later got known about the women name Celesty Rahman. Bengal police deployed Drones drivers, underwater cameras for two hours off bhangar, but failed to find body parts of MP instead it they got the boarding pass with Bangladeshi woman’s name, and comb with some stands of hair. Celesty got arrested along with other three people Shimul, Bhuiyan Aman, Alais Amanullah Syed, and Tanvir Bhuiyan.At the time of crime besides trio others have been identified as Saim, Faisl and Mostafiz are on run.

According to Indian and Bangladeshi officers the murder was planned by Md Akhtaruzzaman alias Shaheen, a citizen of USA, Bangladeshi origin he paid killers 5crore and rented the flat in new town to kill his friend Azim and associates. his came to Bangladesh three days before and returned to USA handling plan to others. CID said he confessed with four Bangladeshi nationalist killed MP. They split The body parts into multiple plastic bags and dispose the body parts in around Kolkata.

Anar’s murder not only shook the politics of Bangladesh but also created the surrounding with tension in India. Both the countries share complex relation with each other’s. Anar’s death on soil of India led to the transparency in investigation and avoid the fallout.  These incidents can betray the relations, if it is revealed the Anar’s political enemies are involved.  The murder has sparked the media and politics together. Azim Anar is the most important player in Bangladeshi in politics.  The Azim’s death raises question about security of political leader. The situation raised the debate on the need to protect politicians from similar threats.

Shilpa Chalke

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