Horrific Crime Uncovered: Woman Arrested for Brutal Murder of Husband

Uttar Pradesh Woman Confesses to Killing and Dismembering Her Husband

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28 July 2023, Mumbai: In a shocking and gruesome incident in Pilibhit district, Uttar Pradesh, a 55-year-old woman has been apprehended by the police for the brutal murder of her husband. The accused, Dulari Devi, confessed to the heinous crime, revealing chilling details of how she killed her husband, Ram Pal, with an axe and dismembered his body into five pieces.

The Missing Report

The victim, Ram Pal, was reported missing by his son, Son Pal, who became alarmed by his father’s sudden disappearance. The family resides in Shivnagar, Gajraula area of Pilibhit. Initial investigations indicated that Dulari Devi had left to stay with her husband’s friend for a few days, raising suspicions.

Upon returning to the village, Dulari Devi informed her son about Ram Pal’s disappearance, leading to the filing of a ‘missing person’ complaint with the local police. During the investigation, the police found inconsistencies in Dulari Devi’s statements, prompting them to take her into custody for questioning.

Confession Reveals Chilling Details: Dismemberment of Victim

During intense interrogation, Dulari Devi eventually confessed to the shocking crime. She disclosed that she murdered her husband while he was asleep, tying him to a cot before brutally attacking him with an axe, despite his pleas for help. She then proceeded to dismember his body and disposed of the body parts in a nearby canal.

Intense Search Underway: Police Scour Canal for Victim’s Body Parts

The police are currently conducting a search with the assistance of divers to recover the victim’s body parts. Additionally, blood-stained clothes belonging to the deceased were found on the cot, further corroborating the gruesome act. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are also looking into the possibility of Dulari Devi having an accomplice in committing the crime.

The entire community has been left in shock and disbelief over the horrific incident. The motive behind the murder remains under investigation, and the police are determined to bring justice to the victim’s family.

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