Laila Khan: Finally Got Justice, And Stepfather Was Given The Death Penalty

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People all over the country were interested in the Laila Khan murder case for more than ten years. Parvez Tak was given the death penalty by a court in Mumbai. Laila Khan’s stepfather is Parvez Tak. There was a long investigation process that led to the verdict. It shed light on some facts about Laila Khan and her family. The judiciary said that this was one of the rarest cases they had seen.

The case began in 2011 when Laila Khan, a beautiful young actor, went missing without a trace. With her mother, three siblings, and sister. She had a part in the movie “Wafaa.” This case wasn’t solved until 2012, when the Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad took it over. The Parvez Tak was caught by the ATS in Jammu and Kashmir. As proof, she told him that their skeletons were found in her own farmhouse in Igatpuri, Nashik, in July 2012. At first, the police said he killed Shelina Laila’s mother after a fight. After that, he killed Laila, her sisters Amina, Zara, and Imran, as well as her cousin Reshma.

At first, Tak denied being involved with the crime, but later he admitted it. He said that he killed his family because he didn’t like them and had property issues. He said that his family used to treat him like a slave. Because his statement matched the forensic evidence, he was made the cornerstone. In 2013, there were a lot of twists and turns in the case. Tak presented evidence and made Tak look like the victim. The case got a lot of attention from the media because a Bollywood actress was involved. The public and the media are very interested in this case, which includes the criminal history.

After many years, on May 24, 2024, judge P.V. Mane finally gave his verdict: Parvez Tak’s case was “diabolical and barbaric,” which means “annoying and crude.” It was the rarest case of its kind. Judge Mane said, “The way the murders were carried out shows extreme depravity and a complete disregard for human life.” “People should be told not to commit such horrible crimes again by giving them the harshest punishments possible.”

Family of Laila Khan said, “We have waited for justice from façade.” “Today we feel like the case is over,” said an emotional family member outside of court. The case shows how important fairness and justice are. Even though the legal battle is over, it has had an impact on discussions about crime, punishment, and India’s justice system.

Shilpa Chalke

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