Board Exam Options: Students Now Are Eligible To Give Board Exams Twice

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan's Progressive Reforms to Indian Board Exams, Offering Flexibility and Relief to Students

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Board Exam Options: Students Now Are Eligible To Give Board Exams Twice

11th October 2023, Mumbai: In a transformative move, the Ministry of Education in India has announced a ground-breaking shift in the traditional approach to board exams for classes 10 and 12. Approximately two months ago, it was declared that board exams would be conducted twice a year, allowing students to choose subjects of their preference rather than being confined to the traditional Arts, Science, or Commerce streams. The goal is to eradicate the pressure of the exams in the minds of the students, associated with a single chance and allow students to showcase their capabilities more effectively.

Option to choose which exam the student want to appear

Building upon this progressive reform, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has now taken an additional step to alleviate the burden of exams on students. He declared that appearing for both sets of exams will no longer be mandatory. Students will have the option to choose when they want to take the exams and retain the best score achieved. The measure aim of this changes is to diminish the anxiety surrounded with the board exams and allow students to be more free in giving their respective exams.

Acknowledging the mental and emotional well-being of the students

Furthermore, this reform aims to address the psychological toll that exams often take on students. It’s common for students to experience stress and fear, worrying about missed opportunities or regretting their performance after the exams. By introducing this optional approach, the education system is acknowledging the mental and emotional well-being of the students.

BY Harsh Rathod

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