NEET Paper Leaked For Rs. 30-32 Lakhs

Mastermind Amit Anand confessed to leaking NEET paper a day before exam

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The Supreme Court’s Notice

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued notice to National Testing Agency (NTA) and the Central Government on pleas seeking action against the malpractices and alleged paper leaks in NEET-2024 exam. A vacation bench of Justice Vikram Nath and Justice SVN Bhatti told the advocates appearing on behalf of centre and NTA that “Even if there is 0.001 per cent negligence on the part of anyone, it should be thoroughly dealt with.”

Perfect score

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A centre in Faridabad, Haryana had six students from the same centre having the perfect score of 720 raising major concerns for other students along with suspicions of malpractices. It is also suspected that grace marks might have been awarded to this students.

The Mastermind

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Amit Anand, the mastermind of paper leak has confessed that the paper of NEET-2024 was leaked a day before the exam. The students were told to memorise the answers to all the questions a day before. He also told that a single paper was sold for Rs. 30-32 Lakhs. Following this arrest, a lot of protests are being held all over India.

The police found burnt remains of NEET paper and answer sheet from Amit’s flat.

Arrests Made So Far

13 arrests have been made so far in relation to NEET paper leak case. One of these arrests include a Junior Engineer named Sikandar from the Danapur Municipality. There is also a demand to cancel the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

Amit Anand’s Confession

“I went to meet Junior Engineer Sikandar at the Danapur Municipal Corporation office for some personal work… I told Sikandar that I can leak the paper of any competitive exam and help candidates pass it.  Sikandar then told me that he had 4-5 candidates who are preparing for NEET and asked me to help them pass the exam,” Amit Anand’s confessed. “I told him that it would cost Rs 30-32 lakh. Sikandar agreed and said that he will give me 4 candidates,” he further said. Amit Anand also said that he asked Sikander to bring the candidates to him on May 4, one night before the NEET. 

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