Unacademy educator asking students to vote to Politicians who are Educated

Unacademy educator faces controversy for urging students.

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  • Don’t elect someone who only knows changing names.
  • Pushing political propaganda in the name of education.
  • Anti-Modi agenda of Unacademy, hatred for Modi ji by netizens.

13th August 2023, Mumbai: An educator at the e-learning platform Unacademy has courted a controversy by asking students to vote for educated politicians. In a video now viral on X, formerly Twitter, the educator, identified as one Karan Sangwan, can be heard asking the students to not vote for those who only focus on changing names, and to elect well-educated politicians.

Sangwan, L.L.M Criminal Laws, was apparently discussing the latest bill tabled in Lok Sabha by the BJP-led union government to replace British-era IPC, CrPC and Indian Evidence Act. He was lamenting that all the notes he had prepared on criminal laws became worthless.

Educator comments while teaching about IPC and CrPC

The educator can be heard saying, “Even I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because I also have a lot of bare acts, caseloads, and notes that I had prepared. It is hard work for everyone. You also got a job at your hand.”

He further says, “But keep in mind one thing. Next time vote for someone who is well-educated so you don’t have to go through this (ordeal) again. Ok?”

Sangwan adds, “Aise insaan ko chune jo padha likha ho, jo samajh sake cheezon ko. Sirf aise insaan ko na chune jinko sirf badalna aata ho, naam change karna aata ho (Elect someone who is educated, who understands things. Don’t elect someone who only knows changing names) Make your decision properly.”

Didn’t take any name of politicians

While the educator didn’t take any names, many on social media drew an equivalence with AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal’s recent statements targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many accused Sangwan of pushing political propaganda in the name of education.

“Karan Sangwan an unacademy faculty of Law is urging students not to vote for BJP again. Is this a revolution in Education Roman Saini talks about??” a user wrote, referring to one of the co-founders of Unacademy.

Anti Modi Agenda by BJP supporters

Another user linked to BJP wrote, “Anti-Modi agenda of Unacademy… Hatred for Modi ji being peddled in the name of education. If you do not like PM Modi then oppose him but cannot implement your agenda under the guise of education.”

Unacademy is yet to issue a statement on the brewing controversy

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