7 Oscar Winning Artists From India, From Satyajit Ray To A. R. Rehman

The Seven Oscar Winning Artists From India Remarks Name In International Level

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7 Oscar Winning Artists From India, From Satyajit Ray To A. R. Rehman

26th October 2023,Mumbai: There are many talented artists in each field in the whole world but some of the artists who make their mark as recognition on international level. Academic Awards or known as Oscar. In India, there are exceptional talents that have earned international recognition through these awards. Let’s see the Indian artists who can mark his identity in the Academy Awards.

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Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray was widely considered one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century.He remained a strong presence for Bengali culture. In 1992, he was honored with Oscars for his extraordinary contribution to Indian cinema. Films of Satyajit Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’ and ‘Apu Trilogy’ inspired filmmakers worldwide.

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Bhanu Athaiya

Bhanu Athaiya is a costume designer who made history by becoming the first Oscar winner. He received an Oscar for costume designer in the movie “Gandhi”. Her exceptional craftsmanship in this iconic biographical movie set an example in Indian cinema.

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Resul Pookutty

In 2009 he made headlines when he won the academic Awards for best sound mixing. Rasul was a sound designer who received an award for working in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as a sound mixing. He made his identity on a global level as a sound designer.

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Everyone loved Gulzar’s poem. He was a versatile poet, lyricist and also a filmmaker in Indian Cinema. He won an Oscar in 2008 for the song ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire.

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A.R. Rehman

Rehman won not one but two Oscars for his songs. Best original song and best original score for his work in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. His melodious tunes are liked by everyone and make him an icon in the world of music.

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Kartika Gonsalves And Gunnet Monga

Kartika Gonsalves is an India born American filmmaker and Gunnet Monga is a producer. They won for the documentary ‘The Elephant Whispers’ in 2023.

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M. M. Keeravani And Chandrabose

M.M. Keeravani is a composer in Hindi and Telugu films. He provided music for ‘Naatu Naatu’ for the film RRR and won an Oscar in 2023 for the original song. He shared the award with Kanukuntla Subhash Chandrabose who is known as a lyricist.

By Sojwal Gurav

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