Actress Samantha Takes a Break from Acting for Health Reasons

Samantha prioritizes health and plans treatment for autoimmune disease

Nidhi Mishra
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  • Samantha’s year-long acting break after completing Citadel.
  • Actress heads to US for autoimmune disease treatment.
  • Holistic health recovery precedes Samantha’s return to work.

5th July 2023,Mumbai: Actor Samantha is taking a break from acting for at least a year after finishing the Indian portion of the action-thriller Citadel. Even though she is looking forward to this break, she will put her health first and travel to the US for treatment of the autoimmune disease myositis.

“Samantha made the decision to take a vacation from acting a few months ago. She was merely waiting for the completion of her projects, Kushi with Vijay Deverakonda and the Indian episode of Citadel with Varun Dhawan.” According to a source close to the star, “she told me she is not signing any projects right now when I checked with her a few months ago.”

The Insider continues, “This is a bit of an assumption and exaggeration because she opted to take a vacation some time ago and was not even accepting anything. She had been said to have returned money to producers for the projects she had agreed to. Her name has not been connected to any new endeavours.”

The Insider tells us that Samantha took a six-month vacation for treatment at the time she disclosed in 2022 that she had been diagnosed with Myositis, an autoimmune disease. She is now committed to holistically regaining her health before starting work again.

“She is taking a sabbatical so that she may concentrate on her health. She recently returned due to her responsibilities. She became ill while filming Kushi was still going on. She must now travel to the main facility for treatment and counselling”, according to the source.

The insider informs us that the 36-year-old will depart for the US in August and that “the vacation will be for at least a year. It is difficult for her to manage an autoimmune condition. The schedule for treatment and rehabilitation includes lengthy appointments. She will travel to the US for therapy, and it is anticipated that she will also travel to South Korea for treatment.”

Despite her reputation as a workaholic, Samantha is not unhappy to take a break; rather, she is looking forward to it.

“She wants it for her own well-being, thus. She desires a more comprehensive approach to healing. She admitted that she was looking forward to the break when I asked her about her choice. She may find it challenging to return to work and continue acting, which is a hard job, until her health has fully recovered. She is aware of the reason she is pleased with the break because of it,” the source adds.

-by Kashvi Gala

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