Adaa Khan: My expectations are high for 2023, and I would expect more from my career

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2023 is almost here and the world has gone on a celebratory mode already. After two years of devastating pandemic, this time the merriment is going to be doubled. Adaa Khan of Naagin fame shares about her New Year celebration plans and more.

“2022 was okay. Initially, I did a lot of work, it started off really well. I did a special performance at Bigg Boss Finale, Naagin and some shows for OTT and a lot of music videos. In between that it was a slight slack. Then of course after that I travelled a lot during the middle of the year. I did my trip to Europe, Maldives, and went to a lot of other locations as I love exploring new places. Then again it is going to end with me starting a new project. So overall it was very good,” she says.
On whether her career took off well in 2022 and if she could meet her professional expectations, Adaa shares, “Not really. You can never say that. You must go with the flow. And as always, as humans expect more and more. So I can never say that I have achieved what I wanted to because you always aim for the peak. So Inshallah my expectations are high, and in 2023 I would expect more from my career. That’s what I hope is in store for me next year.”

She wants 2023 to be prosperous both personally and professionally. “I would definitely wish and hope that more opportunities open up for TV actors and we get to explore more roles on OTT as well. So just hoping for something positive,” she ends.

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