Alok Kumar, the creative producer, discusses the making of Who Am I

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15th February, Mumbai: Creative Producer Alok Kumar says that the making of his most recent film, Who Am I, has been one which has been done keeping every small detail in mind. The producer adds that the journey of making the film has been very exciting and beautiful.

“Who am I? is very beautiful story and is a picturesque examination of human emotion. Write Click Production approached me with the story line which was based on the best seller book Ko Aham by Ashok Jamnani. Dr Alok Prakash. Director Shireesh Khemariya and I wanted to bring this story to the public domain and then we decided to make this film. In the process of making this film, the script, screenplay, casting, music, location, costume was finalised, keeping every detail in mind, and we created the ‘Who am I’ world at Banks of Narmada river, Madhya Pradesh, Amarkantak and Narsinghpur. It was very beautiful shooting this film, and without the local government support and people’s support, it wouldn’t be possible to complete my creative producer journey for this film,” he says. 

Ask him what he feels is unique about the film, and he says, “I think that is the curiosity of every sensitive person who deals with the journey of life with questions like who am I ? Why do we breathe? Why do we die? What is the meaning of life? Everybody’s looking for this answer and a guru, so that we can resolve our birth meaning. We tried to get the answer as well by watching this film Who am I.”

People have been loving the film, says Alok, adding, “The lead pair of this film- Chetan Sharma and Rishika Chandani are fantastic veteran actors and played the character very beautifully. They are looking very good as well. The response of the film is very good. It is the second week now. The distributors are asking for more theatre so that we can say the response is good. There are two more films in the pipeline which will let you know soon,” says Alok, who has been associated with films and TV serials like Dulha Mil Gaya, Aloo Chat, Mile Na Mile Hum, and TV serial Kulvadhu Devyani Marathi and several other shows.

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