Aniruddh Dave on V day: The teddies and hearts are too much!

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15th February, Mumbai: While February 14th is a big day for him, actor Aniruddh Dave says that it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. The same day also happens to be his son’s birthday.

“For me, the value of Valentine’s Day has changed because it’s my son’s birthday and his name is also Anishq, which has Ishq in the end. He was born on 14th February and he is my Ishq. It’s his second birthday this year. As far as Valentine’s day goes, love is an intense, deep affection for a person. I feel that love is really a beautiful moment to be in and it can be with anyone. It is a happy feeling to be in. For me love, is my family and work. It gives me immense happiness and love. Valentine’s Day is just a day! In fact, it is for all, be it teachers, parents, friends, pets, siblings. Everything and everyone that you love. I just feel the teddies, red hearts and all are just too much!” he says.

He has never been very expressive anyway, says the actor, adding, “Like I said earlier, I am not at all expressive in real life. It’s not about PDA but my respect, affection and love for someone can’t be told in words. I keep it all in my heart.”

However, this generation is different, he says. “The generations now are very forward, especially the Genz. It’s very different for them now. For youth, love is a symbol and I feel they will understand as and when they grow. Every generation is different when it comes to expressing love. Love, relationships have changed over the years for many people. It’s not the same for everyone, there was a time when people actually celebrated Valentine’s Day as it was a national celebration. I am not so in for this and I can’t understand this completely.”

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