Bageshwar Dham Maharaj’s cousin Acharya Dinesh Shastri also conducts Divya Darbar, every devotee’s problem is solved without informing!

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9th March, Mumbai: Dinesh Shastri, the son of uncle of Bageshwar Dham Maharaj, also organizes the divine court of Maa Tara Devi. The Darbar is held in Ganj village, just Five kilometers away from Bageshwar Dham Siddha Peeth. For the last ten years, the Divya Darbar of Maa Tara Devi is held. Dinesh Maharaj also writes down the problem of the devotee who comes without asking him beforehand and it is there that is written which is in the mind of the devotee.

Dinesh Maharaj also explains the solution to his problem. Dinesh Maharaj says that This land of India is called the land of saints and ascetics. Somewhere on this land of India there were such proven saints who did service to the society on the strength of their penance and showed the way to the misguided people Such saints also happened in our clan whose blessings are on us. We also got the path of means by his inspiration, due to which today we are distributing the prasad of his grace to all the people. For this, we also have to follow the daily rules, we have to chant and meditate everyday, we have to perform Yagya Hawan, so that grace remains on us and we feel such inspiration that this is the problem of the person in front of us and this is its solution.

Maa Tara Devi’s Divya Darbar is also completely free, we do not take any kind of money for applying and we accept from the heart if the devotees give of their own free will. “Very soon Dinesh Maharaj will also hold a Divya Darbar outside Madhya Pradesh.

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