Bhagya Lakshmi 8 October Written Episode: Lakshmi Gives a Befitting Reply to Neelam!

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Twist Episode: Lakshmi's Reply Makes Neelam silent.

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Bhagya Lakshmi 8 October Written Episode: Lakshmi Gives a Befitting Reply to Neelam!

8th October 2023, Mumbai: In the previous episode, we saw Neelam meet Lakshmi to offer her the asking price to leave his son forever. And in the upcoming episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, we will be watching Lakshmi giving a firm reply to Neelam.  But before moving forward let us give you a recap of what happened before.

Rishi visits the office and is chatting with Virender when Ayush walks into the cabin. Ayush is overjoyed to see his brother at the office after such a long period. Rishi was a working employee there, thus he addressed his father and brother as sir. Ayush and Virender were enraged after hearing this. Aayush complains to Virender that Rishi and he are brothers and that he should never speak to him in this manner.

After settling everything between the brothers, Virendar inquires about Rishi’s marriage. That’s when Rishi tells him that Lakshmi hasn’t said yes yet, and he’s trying to convince her to marry him. But Lakshmi continues to avoid everything. As long as she believes Rishi and Malishka should marry, she will remain unconvinced. Virender, who has been listening to everything, informs Rishi that he and Lakshmi should marry as soon as possible since his wife Neelam is attempting every conceivable means to have Rishi and Mallishka married and will go to any limit to break Lakshmi and Rishi’s bond.

While Aayush stands there listening and understanding everything, he also informs Rishi of Malishka’s approach and plans. He claims that Maliska is already shadowing Neelam and that she is impressed by Maliska. He also claims that Malishka has begun to refer to Neelam as her mother, which is why he has disliked her since the day she entered their lives.

Ayush further asks Rishi to be careful about his goals and not get distracted from his objective of marrying Lakshmi; no matter what happens, he will always be there with him. And Rishi leaves the office to go back to his home. He understands clearly that he should marry Lakshmi as soon as possible because Neelam and Malishka will go to any length to break Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage.

On the other hand, Neelam calls Laxmi for a meeting. Karishma listens to everything and gets happy that Neelam is ready with another strategy, and this is a full proof plan that will break the marriage of Rishi and Lakshmi. She goes towards Malishka’s room to give her the good news. They both get happy, but Malishka is still in doubt because they have tried a lot of times, but their plan never works. But Karishma is also sure that this time the plan will surely work.

Neelam meets Lakshmi in a cafe before coming to her point. She again tells Lakshmi how much she hates her and that she is a wall between a mother and son. Concluding her point, she offers money to Laxmi to get Rishi’s life back and live with Rishi forever. Lakshmi didn’t stay quiet this time; she played reverse psychology and asked the same question to Neelam: Will she offer the money if Neelam leaves her son for Laxmi? Listening to this, Neelam gets angry and tells Lakshmi that she can never replace a mother’s love with money.

That’s when Lakshmi forces Neelam to face some harsh reality. She tells Neelam that she has yet to say yes to Rishi and that it is not her who is behind Rishi, but him who always returns to Lakshmi no matter how much she pushes him. Lakshmi’s firm response silences Neelam. For more such updates stay updated with The Filmy Charcha.

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