Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Twist: Finally! Rishi and Lakshmi Getting Married

Will Neelam and Malishka play another strategy to stop Rishi and Lakshmi's wedding?

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Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Twist: Finally! Rishi and Lakshmi Getting Married
  • Neelam's sweet dream of Rishi coming.
  • Rishi and Lakshmi shifted from ruins to Bungalow.
  • Rishi announces his wedding with Lakshmi In The Oberoi Mansion.

4th October 2023, Mumbai: Bhagya Lakshmi would never make you say, “Okay, this was expected.” The serial’s twists are worth the wait; they can make you go from Aww to Ohh in a matter of seconds. The most recent example is the recent episode of Bhagya Lakshmi. Neelam had imagined Rishi’s homecoming. Further, because of not eating, Neelam faints and everyone takes her to room. She still denies taking any eatery and decides to ruin Lakshmi’s life as according to her Lakshmi has destroyed a relationship of a mother and son.

So Neelam had been dreaming up to this point. While this was Neelam’s dream, we also saw Rishi standing up for Lakshmi. He is still true to his words; either his mother accepts Lakshmi in the Oberoi house or he would never return home. When Virender sees both of them living amid the ruins, he invites them to live in their bungalow instead. They both agree somehow.

From the ruins to the Bungalow! Rishi and Lakshmi will finally be able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Rishi expresses his emotions for Lakshmi to Aayush, saying that even if Lakshmi does not choose to marry him, he will still consider her as his life partner. Rishi decides to marry Lakshmi after that.

In the upcoming episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, we will see Rishi seeking to wed Lakshmi in front of his entire family and with their blessings; therefore, he chooses to go to the Oberoi mansion and announce his engagement to Lakshmi; saying, he would prefer his entire family would be present there and and shower there their love and blessing to both of them wholeheartedly. No one is happy upon hearing the announcement, except for Dadi and Virender. Neelam talks more and develops a new idea. Malishka, on the other hand, loses control.

What other plans do Malishka and Neelam have to stop the marriage of Rishi and Lakshmi? Will this time be different for Rishi and Lakshmi? Will Bhagya Lakshmi fans be able to see what they were waiting for so long ?

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