Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode 12 October 2023: Rishmi Tieing Knot, Malishka plans to kill Lakshmi

Rishi and Lakshmi are not Ready to get Married without the blessings of their elders.

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Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode 12 October 2023: Rishmi Tieing Knot, Malishka plans to kill Lakshmi

12th October 2023, Mumbai: Finally, Lakshmi admits her emotions for Rishi, and both are eager to marry. Nonetheless, Neelam and Karishma have stayed firm in their refusal to allow the marriage to take place.

Malishka becomes crazy with the scenario when Rishi enters the Oberoi Mansion to invite everyone to his wedding. She makes a scene and cries in front of Rishi, asking him why she is doing this. Why is he unconcerned about her? What should she do next? Rishi responds gently, asking her to marry someone who truly loves her and takes leave from there. Malishka then questions Virendar and Dadi about their inability to see her tears and pain. Why are Lakshmi’s tears always the same? Then Virendar alerts her that loving Rishi is futile and that she should forget about him because he loves Lakshmi.

Malishka is unable to deal with the situation and retreats to her room. While Ayush, Dadi, and Virendar are perplexed by the current situation. On the other hand, Bani and Shalu are delighted to see Lakshmi dressed as a dulhan, but Lakshmi is disappointed since Neelam is still unwilling for the wedding. Her sisters try to comfort her that everyone, even Neelam, will soon agree to this marriage and recognise Rishi and Lakshmi’s love.

Malishka sobs and runs towards Neelam, telling her that she has always regarded her as her mother-in-law and has always loved Rishi beyond all else. She also inquires as to why Neelam was unable to meet her request. Malishka loses control and asks Karishma to do anything they want with Lakshmi, as all she wants is Rishi back. While Lakhsmi is apprehensive about her wedding and whether or not everyone will come, she phones Rishi to inquire, and he responds that while he has invited everyone, they cannot expect everyone to attend, but they can hope. Malishka loses control of the situation, as Sonal and Karishma try to calm her down. Malishka requests that Neelam get Malishka and Rishi married by any means.

While Lakshmi is aware that Neelam has yet to accept her, she is hesitant to marry without her approval. But Shalu and Bani tell her that it was all Neelam’s fault because she was the one who brought the problem to Rishi’s attention. Karishma tells Neelam that if the wedding takes place, it will be a humiliation for them because the person they despise the most will now be their daughter-in-law.

Virendar and Dadi are undecided about attending the wedding, but Ayush arrives to convince them that they must go or Rishi will not wed. When Virendar receives Lakshmi’s call, she inquires whether or not they will be attending the wedding. And tells him that he has kanya daan to do. Virendar promises her that they will arrive and hangs up the call. Dadi, Ayush, and Virendar are worried that if they don’t go, Rishi and Lakshmi will call off their wedding.

Sonal encourages Malishka by telling her that now is the only moment to act and that if she has a plan, she should put it into action right away. Rano visits Lakshmi to congratulate her on her wedding. Rano gifts Lakshmi with golden bangles, which she refuses to accept, but Rano informs her that the bangles are Lakshmi’s hard-earned money. And she never had the courage to offer her since she was continuously trying to marry Lakshmi to the wrong guy. She also admits her mistakes and feels guilty for her wrongdoing. Furthermore, they share a wonderful bond.

Soon after, Rishi arrives and informs Lakshmi about the family’s plight, but Bani and Shalu advise them not to worry because everything will be alright soon. And Rishi departs to prepare. Will Rishi and Lakshmi marry this time? What will Neelam do to put an end to the wedding? Will Rishi and Lakshmi marry without their elders’ blessings? Stay tuned with The Filmy Charcha and get updated. 

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