Big Boss 17 – Weekend Ka Vaar And Eviction Status On This Week

First Weekend Ka Vaar Is Line Up Of Big Boss 17 And Here The Status Of Eviction In This Week

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21st October 2023, Mumbai: Big Boss season 17 Hosted by Salman Khan. Now, here the weekend ka vaar has come and it is interesting to know about the first eviction in this season. This week, Abhishek Kumar, Navid Sole and Manara Chopra are nominated contestants of this show.

Status Of Eviction

As the weekend comes, everyone is eagerly waiting for the first eviction and  first weekend ka vaar of this season. According to sources, there were no evictions this week. It appears that eviction might be put on hold for this week in Big Boss 17.

Weekend Ka Vaar

Apart from evictions of this season, Everyone’s favorite Weekend ka vaar was hosted by Salman Khan. It has been confirmed that ‘Ganpath’ stars Kriti Senon and Tiger Shroff came to promote the upcoming movie in weekend ka vaar. Also, Kangana Ranaut also makes an appearance on weekend ka vaar. Vishal Aditya Singh, a participant from Bigg Boss 13, is set to join Kanika Mann for a discussion on his new show, “Chand Jalne Laga,” during the “Weekend Ka Vaar.

Apart from the promotion and fun, Salman Khan gives opinions and gives the audience perspective towards the contestants in Big boss.

Salman Khan Lashes Out Isha Malviya

Salman Khan speaks with Isha Malviya. He reminds Isha of how she accused Abhishek Kumar of physical violence and aggression during the grand premier and later she is ready to share the one room with him which is very unexpected. Also, Salman Khan mentioned that, Manara Chopra is not a self obsessed person while Issha malviya who is very self obsessed as compared to everyone in the big boss 17. So don’t tell anyone like this.

Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar are dating each other when they work together in Udaariyaan which is broadcasted on colors channel. Later, they had ugly breakup between them and we saw in the big boss 17. Also in the grand premier they will fight in front of Salman Khan which is very disrespectful.

However, within no time Isha Malviya formed a bond with Abhishek Kumar. Big boss will ask if she wants Abhishek Kumar in the Dil house. She said yes. Netizens are not happy to see her fake personality in the big boss 17.

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