Bigg Boss 16: Creative director Jude Fernandes claims MC Stan was caught stealing sports bikes

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 In a shocking allegation, a prominent creative director associated with several OTTs (Over the Top Apps) in Mumbai, Jude Fernandes has alleged that Bigg Boss 16 contestant MC Stan was once caught stealing sports bikes by Khar-Danda residents several years ago.

“The incident happened more than 5 years ago. Some residents of the Khar-Danda area near Khar West in suburban Mumbai had caught MC Stan red-handed stealing sports bikes. He got a thrashing from the locals and literally ran away for his life. No wonder he nurses a major grudge towards people from the Khar-Danda locality and even called them Khar-Danda ke fakir,” Fernandes told this reporter.

Fernandes, a resident of Khar-Danda in Mumbai blasted Bigg Boss contestant MC Stan for his derogatory and demeaning remarks against residents of the locality where he hails from.

Video clips of MC Stan speaking derogatorily about residents of the Khar-Danda in the Khar West area of suburban Mumbai, with demeaning statements were doing the rounds on social media and YouTube, which infuriated the residents, most of them a mix of Maharashtrians and Catholics as well as the Koli fishing community who are the original inhabitants of Mumbai.

According to Jude Fernandes, MC Stan referred to residents of Khar-Danda as “fakirs” and “tapporis” and called them unemployed and useless.

“All the residents of Khar-Danda are really pissed off and since there are several youth groups in the area, all the youth are infuriated.”

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