Celebrities discuss selfie culture replacing autographs while sharing their fan experiences.

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Fans are everything for a celebrity. It’s their support that encourages them to try out new things and push their limits. Thankful for all the love they get from their admirers, they hope and strive to live up to fan expectations every single time. However, not all fan experiences are pleasant, some are a bit scary too. Here’s what celeb said about their remarkable fan experiences and how the selfie culture has taken over the autograph culture:

Ekta sharma
I remember when I started, there were no phones with cameras so this fan used to write letters and it was a lovely feeling to receive these notes. People also used to take autographs on the road, but now there are many fans, who enjoy taking selfies and sending DMs on instagram. I try to connect with most of them.

Hitanshu Jinsi
Last year, I visited Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. Since I have portrayed Lord Jagannath’s character on screen, a lot of people came to visit outside the gate. They had travelled 12 to 15 km just to see me. Most of them were very young school kids. But I couldn’t meet them on the first day as I wasn’t aware of their plans. The next day I met some. Fans ki khushi aur pyaar dekh kar I feel motivated to work even harder so that I can surprise as well as entertain them with my performance. One fan wrote an open letter on Twitter that she was going to take her life following some issues in her life but after watching my episodes of Jagannath she took a step back and thanked me for that. It is something that makes me feel very special that I unknowingly could save someone’s life.

Kate Sharma
My most interesting fan moment was in the gym. That fan used to follow me every day to the gym, he even took membership there. But he was very shy to come and speak with me. So I went to him and told him, ‘Do you want a picture?’ and he said, ‘No, I want to spend life with you. And that we have past life connections’, and all. I was shocked. He said you forgot everything and I am here to make you remember your past life. I laughed a lot over this hilarious story.

Karan Singh Chhabra
The most interesting fan experience I had was when I was in Indore. Hina Khan and I went there for a club launch. The club was packed and there came three kids who wanted autographs. So basically they had a slam book where they were collecting autographs of people from the film industry and that was really very special for me. Yes, the autograph culture has now been replaced by selfies these days because everyone has phones now and they want to be seen with celebrities and they want to post it on social media too. So I also think that fans can sometimes be more demanding in situations like these, which at times does turn scary too.

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