Chitra Vakil Sharma: In our industry, it is an add-on if you are an extrovert

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It is very important to interact with people and understand their lives, especially in the acting industry, says producer Chitra Vakil Sharma. The producer adds that she loves to spend time with new people.

“I believe I am an extrovert because I like interacting with new people all the time and I feel that in our industry, it is an add-on if you are an extrovert as we tend to meet different groups of people everywhere we go.
One cannot survive as well without communication and discovering people in life generally,” she says.

She adds, “I am good at small talk as the Millennials put it, but yes, I find it easy to interact with people, meeting a stranger, and from not knowing them to knowing their life history in an hour! That’s fun!”

Ask her what happiness means to her, and she says, “My happiness is my happy place with my happy people in it, Home! That’s a cliche but all I want at the end of the day is to be with my family and my friends, it could be anywhere at any time, as long as they are all in it, I am the happiest!”  

She adds, “Every individual could find happiness in their own twisted little way, it could be spending time with their loved ones, a good day at work, a day by themselves, or a shopping spree. I believe I get happy very easily, kinda low maintenance you know (laughs) Anything with the people I love does the job for me. It’s okay to have mood swings, I personally think it’s good to express what’s within you and show how you feel, it could be good or bad, keeping it in could always do more harm than good. Owning up to it is always going to help you and make you feel a lot better.”

Ask her what makes her happy instantly, and she says, “Oh there are so many, but off the top of my head, Spending time with my son, my dog Dorgy n daughter tanvi and a lady always likes her trips to the shopping mall with her sister rohini in my case.”

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