Controversial Contestants in the Spotlight: Salman Khan Set to Address House Conduct in Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar

An Intense Week Inside the Bigg Boss House Sets the Tone for the Season

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Controversial Contestants in the Spotlight: Salman Khan Set to Address House Conduct in Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar

20th October 2023,Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17, the highly anticipated reality show, kicked off on October 15, and its first week has been nothing short of a whirlwind. The house has seen a flurry of emotions, drama, and intense interactions, making it a captivating start to the season.

Contestants Galore

The lineup for Bigg Boss 17 includes a diverse mix of celebrities, each bringing their own unique personalities to the table. Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Isha Malviya, and others are all set to make this season unforgettable.

The Weekend Ka Vaar Anticipation

The audience eagerly awaits the first “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode with host Salman Khan, which promises to be a spectacle in itself. Salman’s insights and opinions about the contestants will be a major highlight, and fans are curious to see who he may call out for their behavior in the house.

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Abhishek Kumar: A Controversial Figure

Abhishek Kumar, known for his role in ‘Udaariyaan,’ has stirred up controversy both inside and outside the house. His aggressive conduct has raised eyebrows, leading to the likelihood of a stern rebuke from Salman Khan. Abhishek has been involved in numerous unnecessary altercations, some of which have escalated to an alarming extent. His disrespectful behavior towards fellow contestants might also come under Salman’s scrutiny, particularly regarding his comments on Navid’s sexuality.

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Isha Malviya’s Inconsistencies

Isha Malviya’s inconsistent behavior is another aspect that may not escape Salman’s attention. Her abrupt change of opinion regarding Abhishek has left many viewers puzzled. She initially claimed that she wanted nothing to do with him, but inside the house, she appeared to be supporting him, even going as far as sharing her bed with him. Her rudeness towards Mannara Chopra, whom she perceives as self-obsessed, might also invite criticism from Salman for her lack of an independent stance.

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Arun Mahashetty’s Entertainment vs. Controversy

Arun Mahashetty, despite providing entertainment in the house, may find himself on the receiving end of Salman’s disapproval due to his heated exchange with Abhishek. The use of the infamous ‘bahar mil’ dialogue could be a sticking point.

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Aishwarya Sharma: A Disappointing Presence

Aishwarya Sharma, who had been a source of entertainment on ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13,’ has been relatively lackluster in Bigg Boss 17. Her minimal interactions and constant companionship with her husband, Neil, have not gone unnoticed. Salman might take her to task for her subdued participation.

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Neil Bhatt: A Wake-Up Call

Neil Bhatt’s subdued behavior might also draw Salman Khan’s attention. Like Aishwarya, he seems to be drifting along without actively participating in the game. Salman could use the “Weekend Ka Vaar” to encourage the husband-wife duo to step up their game.

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Vicky Jain’s Comments

Vicky Jain, though playing strategically, might face criticism from Salman for his remarks about Neil and Aishwarya’s relationship. While gameplay is a part of the show, determining someone’s feelings or mental state is a boundary that Vicky should be cautious not to cross.

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Anurag Dobhal’s Duties Dilemma

Anurag Dobhal has been a central figure in house duty-related issues. His smart approach of delegating tasks but taking on only one himself has not escaped notice. While Salman may not make it a top priority, Anurag should remain cautious, as the Bigg Boss house is known for its unpredictable turns.

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Khanzaadi’s Kitchen Confrontation

Khanzaadi stirred the pot with her disputes over kitchen duties, leading to confrontations with several housemates, including Munawar, Rinku Dhawan, and Jigna Vora. Her unpleasant exchange with Ankita Lokhande, where she belittled TV actors, could be a topic for Salman to address. Khanzaadi’s attempt to downgrade the profession of TV actors may not sit well with the host.

As the first week of Bigg Boss 17 concludes, the anticipation for Salman Khan’s verdict and the ensuing entertainment remains at an all-time high. With such an eventful beginning, the season promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, controversies, and unpredictable twists that fans eagerly await.

-by Kashvi Gala

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