Deepika Chikhlia: From Sita to Grandmother in “Dhartiputra Nandini”

The heartwarming story of a farmer's daughter in the urban world.

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Deepika Chikhlia: From Sita to Grandmother in "Dhartiputra Nandini"
  • the essence of city-village love amid the serene ghats of Ayodhya.
  • Deepika Chikhlia's return to TV
  • Aman and Shagun shine in their roles.

10th September 2023, Mumbai: Watching family TV shows together is a great feeling. Many TV shows have played a big part in bringing family stories to the screen and strengthening the bond of relationships. Right now, there is a show on TV that many are talking about. People are talking because after a long time, a story of a farmer’s daughter becoming the daughter-in-law of a big city family is shown on TV.

The TV show “Dhartiputra Nandini” is getting a lot of praise right now. This is the first time a show’s trailer was shot on the ghats of Ayodhya. Usually, the ghats of Varanasi are shown in movies and TV shows, but this show has the ghats of Ayodhya and the Sarayu River, which looks very beautiful.

The producer of the show is Deepika Chikhlia, who is famous for her role as Sita in the Ramayan. She also plays the role of Akash’s grandmother on the show. It’s been about thirty years since Deepika has been seen in a TV show for such a long time.

The story is about a city boy named Akash and a village farmer girl named Nandini. It is a family drama that many people are watching in their homes. The actor playing Akash, Aman Jaysawal, is doing his first lead role, and the actress playing Nandini, Shagun Singh, this is her first big show after reality shows.

In a talk with The Filmy Charcha, Aman said that at first, he was nervous because Deepika Chikhlia was in front of him. He had seen her as Sita when he was a child, but now they have a good bond, and he enjoys working. Shagun Singh said that Deepika’s behavior is just like a mother. She notices small things and takes care of everyone.

The lead actor, Aman, is originally from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, and Shagun comes from Durg in Chhattisgarh. This TV show is being broadcast on Nazara TV. The story’s setting is in Awadh and Purvanchal, so many people like it.

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