Dr. Krishna Chouhan Hosts Grand ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award 2023’ Ceremony on Gandhi Jayanti in Mumbai

Dr. Krishna Chouhan Honors Distinguished Personalities on Gandhi Jayanti

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  • Prominent Figures Recognized for Outstanding Contributions
  • Udit Narayan and Arun Bakshi’s Mesmerizing Musical Performances
  • Future Plans Revealed for Bollywood Legend Award 2023

5th October 2023, Mumbai: The third season of the prestigious ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award 2023’ was held at Mayor Hall, Andheri West, Mumbai, organized by Dr. Krishna Chouhan and the KCF Foundation. This remarkable event coincided with Gandhi Jayanti and witnessed the presence of several distinguished guests, including Padmashree Udit Narayan, producer Dheeraj Kumar, ACP Sanjay Patil, ACP Bajirao Mahajan, Dilip Sen, Pankaj Berry, Arun Bakshi, Ali Khan, Jitendra Kumar Tiwari, Zeenat Ehsaan Qureshi, dancer Shireen Farid, and social worker Sundari Thakur, all of whom were honored with the prestigious ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award.’

Honoring Excellence in Various Fields

Apart from the notable names mentioned above, the award show also recognized the outstanding contributions of Zeenat Ehsaan Qureshi, Dancer Shireen Farid, Singer Raju Tank, Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor Publicity, Ranjan Kumar Singh, Publicity Designer R Rajpal, Anchor Dr. Bharti Chhabria, Pawan Todi (in Gandhiji’s costume), Writer PK Gupta, Sameera Sheikh, and lyricist Sudhakar Sharma.

A Memorable Inauguration

The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp and a mesmerizing Ganesh Vandana performance, graced by the presence of prominent figures like Dilip Sen, Ali Khan, Ramesh Goyal, Dheeraj Kumar, ACP Sanjay Patil, Arun Bakshi, ACP Bajirao Mahajan, and others. The stage also welcomed Udit Narayan, Amitabh Bachchan’s makeup artist Deepak Sawant, Faizal Ali Khan, Dr. Harsh & Joshi, Acharya Hariom Classical, and several other luminaries from various fields.

A Multitude of Honorees

The event saw the honoring of numerous individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. These included Madhumangal Das, Divya Pandit, Pandit Ravindra Acharya, Priyank Shah, Deepak Desai, Sunil Pal, KK Goswami, Dr. Mustafa Yusuf Ali, Kabina Maharjan, Singer Ashu Verma, Shyam Sundar Soni, Dr. Smita, Ranjan Kumar, Sundari Thakur, Manoj Khare, Kantilal Patel, Dr. Yogesh Lakhani (Bright), Armaan Khan, Sameera Mustafa Shaikh, Rapper Hiteshwar, Rupanshi Singh, Malini Bakshi, Guru Manna, Dhananjay Kulkarni, PK Gupta, Poonam Giri, Sonu, Pooja Pandey, Naresh Sisodia, Rajesh Ghayal, Priyanka Chauhan, and many more, who were recognized and honored for their remarkable achievements.

A Call to Embrace Gandhi’s Ideals

During the program, Padmashree Udit Narayan emphasized the importance of living a life of love while following the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, the beacon of truth and non-violence. He expressed gratitude for the respect and recognition bestowed upon him by Dr. Krishna Chouhan and praised the organization of such a splendid event.

Promoting Gandhian Values

ACP Bajirao Mahajan encouraged everyone to follow Gandhiji’s ideals, congratulating and commending Dr. Krishna Chouhan for his efforts in organizing such a meaningful program. He acknowledged the hard work put in by Dr. Chouhan and his commitment to recognizing both established celebrities and emerging artists.

Inspiration from Gandhiji

Producer, director, and actor Dheeraj Kumar highlighted the importance of drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts in our daily lives. He lauded Dr. Krishna Chouhan for steering society in a positive direction through such events.

Soul-Stirring Performances

The evening was adorned with captivating musical performances by Udit Narayan and Arun Bakshi, who enchanted the audience with their beautiful songs on stage.

Gratitude and Future Plans

Dr. Krishna Chouhan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the guests who graced the occasion. He acknowledged the positive cooperation received during the organization of the ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award 2023’ and extended his thanks to well-wishers like Udit Narayan, ACP Sanjay Patil, and ACP Bajirao Mahajan for their invaluable contributions. Dr. Chouhan also shared his plans for the upcoming ‘Bollywood Legend Award 2023,’ which promises to be another grand event in December 2023.

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