Dream Girl 2 Soars Past 97 Crores Despite ‘Jawan’ Competition!

"Ayushmann Khurrana's Pooja Strikes Gold Again with Hilarious Sequel"

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Dream Girl 2 Soars Past 97 Crores Despite 'Jawan' Competition!
  • Dream Girl 2 Rockets to 40.71 Crores in Opening Weekend!
  • 65.85 Crores and Counting, Holding Strong on Weekdays
  • Dream Girl 2 Earns 1.50 Million Rupees on Day 17

11th September 2023, Mumbai: Dream Girl 2’s journey at the box office has been quite the rollercoaster. It kicked off with an outstanding opening weekend, reeling in a hefty 40.71 crores during its first three days of release. The film continued to maintain its momentum on weekdays, securing a strong hold with daily earnings in the range of 5.42 crores to 7.50 crores.

Dream Girl 2 Overview

As the film marked its first week in theaters, it had already collected a substantial 65.85 crores. Dream Girl 2’s ability to keep audiences engaged was evident, especially considering it maintained decent collections on weekdays. This comedy-drama, produced by Balaji Motion Pictures, is a spiritual sequel to the 2019 hit starring Ayushmann as a call center employee with the unique ability to speak like a woman. In Dream Girl 2, he takes on the role of Pooja, donning women’s attire to make a financial gain.

Dream Girl 2 Box Office Collection

The film’s box office performance during its first 16 days in theaters was impressive, grossing nearly 97.97 Crores net in India. However, it was facing competition from Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller, “Jawan,” which was generating significant anticipation and attention. Despite this competition, Dream Girl 2 managed to hold its ground. On its seventeenth day in Indian theaters, it earned an estimated 1.50 million rupees.

Competition from Jawan

While the momentum around Dream Girl 2 was expected to increase over the weekend, industry experts believed that crossing the coveted 100 crore mark might prove to be a challenge for Ayushmann and Ananya’s starrer. The release of “Jawan” added to the competition, making it an uphill battle for Dream Girl 2 to achieve this milestone. Nonetheless, Dream Girl 2’s ability to perform consistently at the box office for over two weeks indicated its popularity among audiences. It demonstrated the appeal of Ayushmann Khurrana’s unique roles and the comedy genre, even in the face of strong competition.

As the film continued its run in theaters, it remained a noteworthy player in the Indian box office scene, showcasing the enduring charm of a well-crafted comedy-drama.

By Yashika Desai

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