Esha Gaur: Women’s Day is a collective day for global celebration!

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8th March, Mumbai: Singer Esha Gaur, who made her Bollywood debut with Krishna Bhatt’s ‘1920: Horrors of the Heart’ as a playback singer, says that while she doesn’t celebrate Women’s Day, she does recognise its significance. The singer adds that women have always been considered to be strong, right through history.

“Women’s Day is a collective day for global celebration. It is celebrated for women’s rights and achievements of women’s rights. As such I don’t celebrate Women’s Day so there are no special plans for this year,” she says.

She adds, “For me, womanhood is the power given by God to produce children and that power has not been given to anyone else. God himself thinks that women have that power and she can handle everything. Womanhood should be celebrated everyday as she is the master of everything. She can handle multiple things at the same time.”

Ask her what makes her feel the most important as a woman, and she says, “Children make you feel the most important as a woman because you are the most engrossed with them and do everything for them. You choose everything for them. Children make you a multitasker.”

She adds, “Whether it’s Women’s Day or Men’s Day, I don’t feel that there should be a particular day to celebrate because if someone is really important to you whether it’s male or female then you will always make them feel how important they are.”

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