Explaining the Connection: How ‘The Nun 2’ Connects to ‘The Conjuring’ Franchise”

Director Michael Chaves Explores Plot Mysteries and Ties 'The Nun 2' to 'The Conjuring' Universe"

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Explaining the Connection: How 'The Nun 2' Connects to 'The Conjuring' Franchise"
  • ‘The Nun 2' is set four years after the events of the original film
  • Frenchie is revealed to be Maurice, a character who met his demise after a failed exorcism
  • Director Michael Chaves hints at a key moment at the end of 'The Nun 2'

14th September 2023, Mumbai: Director Michael Chaves sheds light on the intricate web that ties ‘The Nun 2’ to the larger Conjuring universe, addressing some plot mysteries along the way.

Frenchie is also unveiled to be Maurice

The sequel to ‘The Nun’ takes us four years beyond the original film’s events and a decade before the spine-tingling occurrences of ‘The Conjuring.’ It immerses us in the aftermath of Frenchie’s possession by the malevolent entity Valak, a character fans of the franchise are all too familiar with. Frenchie is also unveiled to be Maurice, a character who met his demise after a failed exorcism in the very first ‘Conjuring’ movie. This raises a puzzling question: how does Maurice end up possessed once again almost a decade later?

Chaves hints at a moment at the end of the movie

Director Michael Chaves delves into this intriguing plot hole in a conversation with Collider. He elucidates both Maurice’s fate and Valak’s resurgence. Chaves hints at a moment at the end of the movie that might hold the key. “Obviously, in the timeline of ‘The Conjuring,’ we think he’s saved at the end of this movie, but we know that later on, before the events of the first ‘Conjuring,’ but after this movie, he is possessed, and it’s a failed exorcism that leads to him taking his life. So, we know that’s coming,” Chaves explains.

mid-credit scene in ‘The Nun 2’

However, the director leaves some room for interpretation, suggesting that Valak might either repossess Maurice or continue to linger within him. The intricacies of this supernatural possession remain open-ended, allowing fans to explore their own theories. Chaves also points out a mid-credit scene in ‘The Nun 2’ that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the film’s connection with the broader Conjuring universe. This scene features demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, known characters from the franchise, receiving a phone call from Father Gordon about another paranormal case. This connection helps to further weave ‘The Nun 2’ into the rich tapestry of ‘The Conjuring’ universe.

Conjuring universe

This isn’t the first time that Chaves has spoken about the links between these films. He previously expressed his desire for ‘The Nun 2’ to contribute to a “bigger canvas,” suggesting that the film would add depth and dimension to the overarching narrative. As ‘The Nun 2’ captivates audiences with its supernatural horrors, it also offers fans an opportunity to connect the dots and explore the enigmatic ties that bind the Conjuring universe together. With its tantalizing plot twists and connections, it promises to be a chilling addition to this ever-expanding world of paranormal dread.

For those brave enough to delve into the mysteries of ‘The Nun 2,’ it’s a journey that leads not only to fear but to deeper understanding of the sinister forces that lurk in the shadows of ‘The Conjuring’ franchise. You can experience ‘The Nun 2’ in cinemas now, if you dare.

By Yashika Desai

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