GHKPM- OMG! Savi’s Decision Makes Aka Saheb Cry On Big Day

Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein, Savi Take A Decision As A Cultural Secretary Will Affect Surekha's Attitude.

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23rd October 2023, Mumbai: Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein stars Shakti Arora (Ishaan) and Bhavika Sharma (Savi) on Star plus. We will see the last episode of GHKPM, where Savi and her friends organized the navratri celebration of making a stall for women empowerment and durva wants to spoil all the things. Due to the misbehaving of durva towards savi she slapped durva and Ishaan will come. Listening to all shit,  he stands with savi and punishes durva.

Now, we will see Ghatasthapana is in bhosale institute where surekha can do all the things but Savi’s one decision Surekha’s anger goes on hype and makes her cry.

What Actually Happened?

In the beginning, navratri will start with whole arrangements, organizing savi and her friends. She arranges all things because she wants to empower every woman. There is no poor and rich, all are equal. Housewives are also doing whatever they like at work so she decides to make a stall for womens where they can sell their products. During navratri Shukla’s mother is also coming and she will make a stall.

Later, Harini, who is Savi’s sister , calls and says, I did Ghatasthapana Pooja and I feel very proud of myself for doing this. So Savi has an idea about the Pooja. First, she will ask who can do the Pooja in bhosale institute her friend said surekha bhosale and she asks permission for her decision from Isshan but he will be busy with some work and he will ignore it.

Surekha Cry Because Of Savi’s Decision

Surekha is preparing for the Ghatasthapana Puja which is held at bhosale institute. Yashwant gives a new saree and nose ring for her to look beautiful and make her day special. Surekha wearing this saree and ready for going to bhosale institute. While she enters the college And starts the Puja, Savi stops her and says, today you don’t do this puja. Ishaan and all ask how she said that. Later, Savi explains her point of view about her decision. She said, every woman has equal rights, no rich and poor so we will treat equally and today this puja will be done by Shukla’s mother. Ishhan agress her decision and gives permission for Shukla’s mother.

Surekha was completely low and crying and angry at Savi Ishaan’s decision.

By Sojwal Gurav

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