Here’s how RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook celebrated Jimin’s birthday!

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Jimin: The Bangtan Boys are extremely supportive and caring of one another, especially on their birthdays, when they exhibit their love in the form of heartfelt words, amusing films, and comical photos that would otherwise be concealed from the rest of the world. As fans all over the world worked hard to make it an annual event, the BTS members’ birthdays have become global celebrations of their triumphs and, more importantly, their existence. Fans’-driven projects become the centre of attention as they participate in a major outpouring of love and support for their favourite K-pop idols.

Live broadcasts: On October 13, BTS member Jimin turned 27 and began his birthday celebrations by turning on a live broadcast in front of his fans. It recorded 8.1 million viewers watching in real time during the 72-minute programme. The artist not only adorned the room and blew out a yellow chick candle on an amazing cake, but he also spent an hour conversing with and playing with the BTS Army. He discussed BTS’ forthcoming Busan concert and gave a sneak peek into his photo portfolio, Me, Myself, and JIMIN ‘ID: Chaos.’ Simultaneously, his followers were hard at work, creating trending hashtags to commemorate his birthday.For the third year in a row, he became the first person to have 28 hashtags trending at the same moment.

J-Hope: As soon as his birthday began, the BTS members were ready to share their birthday greetings. It began with J-Hope, who appeared to be in the firm’s (HYBE) building after Jimin’s live broadcast concluded. He shared an Instagram story with Jimin in which they both laughed as they reenacted a scene in which the senior wished the younger.He kept posting stories, tagging Jimin with a slew of emojis, as is common with J-Hope. On the other hand, Jimin’s prior amusing videos and images surfaced on Twitter, in which he used fan-created hashtags and encouraged him to keep his smile forever. His dedication grew as more treasures from the Hope film were released into the world.

Jungkook and SUGA: SUGA returned in traditional form, claiming that Jimin would spend his birthday week in his birthplace of Busan. Hyung became popular once more. Jungkook wrecked the internet with his own wishes when he returned to Weverse’s moments function after three years. In a hilarious video, the youngest wished Jimin a happy birthday while appearing solemn and respectful.

Jin: Jin, the oldest member, was his unvarnished self when he uploaded a selfie with Jimin that showed mostly his own face and the birthday boy’s half cheek. In the caption, he wished, but it was his comments that made it worthwhile. “I sincerely congratulated him [on his birthday], but I’m posting hastily in case others believe I didn’t,” Jin wrote.. We get along fine. In fact, we get along well.”[Know that] our connection is fine even if no one posts!” he replied.

RM & V: Leader RM wished Jimin a happy birthday on Instagram with a behind-the-scenes photo from one of their gigs. Meanwhile, member V tagged Jimin in an Instagram story with a modified photo of the two as they prepared for the event.

Jimin, the birthday boy, shared an Instagram photo of himself sitting in front of a beautifully set table. A ‘Happy Jimin Day’ greeting with another cake and purple balloons appeared to be a present from fellow members.

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