Here’s what the cards say about these celebrities!

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Vivian Dsena
At the moment, everything that is happening in his life is with precaution and a lot of belief in himself. But there are some new beginnings that will happen this year. He’ll be getting new work this year which he has been looking for. There is a star changing in the first 6 months but he should express himself more. Things will move as time changes for him. I see a good year for him as far as concerned with work. Maybe something that he is looking for in his personal life is ahead of him. I would say he is a person who believes home is where the heart is and he wants to have a settled balanced life personally as well professionally.

Adaa Khan
She’s a beautiful and brilliant actress but there are some issues in her life and health. She needs to take care of them. She needs a holistic approach to her health.  There are some new beginnings happening in her personal life which she is looking forward to. Work is going to happen as and when it comes. The thing is she’s also going to have a new project in the next six months but she needs to take care of her health and emotions.

Shivin Narang
It all seems good in 2023 for him work wise. It looks like he is going to work more in OTT, TVC. He has to work in films now but he has to wait for that twist for some time. As far as his personal life goes, he needs to bring balance in his life and ask himself what he wants and why he wants what he wants. He should value people who love him outside the home as well.

Shiv Thakare
Well, he’s very sorted in his game and this is coming from his last experience. But he’s being himself in this show. He’s been very committed to win the trophy but I don’t see him there. It’s a 50-50 chance. I would say his inner strength is going to help him more.

Priyanka Choudhary
She is very bright and very beautiful. She has Rahu and sun by her side. She has got good energy because of Jupiter. In 2023, she definitely has a successful career ahead of her. As far as Big Boss goes, she has a lot of challenges ahead. She is tough, holding her guns. But I don’t see her reaching somewhere she is willing too. Post Big Boss, she’ll be working very hard and has a beautiful career ahead.

Sumbul Touqeer
Well, Big Boss has been a life changing experience for her. It’s a new Sumbul that we are seeing with a lot of patience and perseverance. There are chances for her to be in the top 3. Post Big Boss, she has a beautiful career ahead and things she’ll be deciding on herself in every category. It is going to be worth watching her journey. Her father is her support system and she will go up the ladder of success.

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