Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani actor Aditya Shukla: I’m a very emotional guy and tend to help others no matter what

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Human beings are unique in their own way. Among other things, some people are extroverts, some are introverts, while there are others who are both. Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani  actor Aditya Shukla feels he is a mix of both.

“Whenever I meet new people I’m a bit reserved, but as soon as I get comfortable I’ll be talking to almost everyone and cracking jokes and having a laugh. I actually make friends easily as I tend to be the first one who makes the first move,” he says.

On his idea of happiness, he adds, “Staying with your family and loved ones, that’s the one thing that makes me happy no matter what mood I’m in.”

Happiness is very subjective, it means different things to different people. “What I might find funny, might irritate someone else. If you ask me, I am happy with simple things in life and being around my loved ones,” he says.

Not just humans, even animals have mood swings. “So I think it’s absolutely normal for such a thing to happen. How you behave is a totally different thing,” he adds.

The last three years changed us in the way we look at life. Covid has definitely taught us a lot. It has made us aware and compassionate. While Aditya agrees, at the same time he shares that he has always been an emotional person.

“I’m a very emotional guy and tend to help others no matter what. Even if they have hurt me I’ll still try to help them. So I don’t think it was because of these 3 years, I was always the compassionate guy,” he shares.

Two things that he usually does that immediately makes him happy or perks up his mood, Aditya adds, “One is playing video games and the second would be working out. Whenever I am in a bad mood, either I start my computer and play games or I’ll head out to the gym.”

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